Monday, August 14, 2006

Iran enforces 'decadent' dish crackdown

Iran has launched a crackdown against “decadent” satellite television in the Islamic republic, raiding rooftops in Tehran and other major cities to seize hundreds of illegal dishes. The action followed a warning issued last month by Tehran’s metropolitan police chief to the country’s estimated three to four million satellite television watchers who defy the law. “The use of satellite dishes is prohibited by law and we ask people not to use this equipment anymore,” Morteze Talaie was quoted as saying in the press.

Police armed with warrants raided rooftops of large apartment blocks and high-rises in the chic northern and western areas of Tehran on Sunday and have conducted similar operations in other cities, witnesses and press reports said. ”Police seized scores of satellite dishes in Velenjak (northern Tehran) and after loading their vans, they took off,” a resident identifying himself as Hamid told AFP. Programmes broadcast on satellite channels are considered “decadent” by the authorities in the Islamic republic which frequently try to jam the airwaves.

(Source: AFP/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)