Friday, August 04, 2006

'KONG' State-of-the-art web radio

From August 1st, 2006 KBS World Radio is being heard on KONG. KONG is a digital web radio service that Korean Broadcasting System has created using advanced technology for its digital audience at home and abroad. It is the sharpest way to listen to KBS World Radio, no matter where you are. With only a single click, you are able to enjoy crystal-clear sound on all of KBS’s radio channels. You can easily download and install this multi-functional web service on your personal computer.

How to Install:
To tune in to KONG, visit the KBS website, and sign up to become a member. Hit the download button for KONG, and after you will see the KONG icon appear on your desktop. Click it and then log on.

(Source: Md. Azizul Al-Amin, Rajshari, Bangladesh)