Thursday, August 17, 2006

Australian DX Report No. 8 available for download

The Australian DX Report Audio File, Edition No. 8, is now available, at
Covering shortwave schedules, news, logs, and propagation, it includes three songs - hope you like them! Duration is 14 mins 30 secs.
This program will also be heard on WWCR on Sunday August 20 at 0200 UTC on 5070, and again on Tuesday August 22 at 0945 on 9985.
I will not be sending out any further alerts when new editions of the program are published. These will continue to be released weekly.
If you have note already done so, you should consider subscribing to the Program, via FeedBlitz (free!), which will send you notifications directly to your Email inbox when new editions are published. The sign-up box is at the Website. Very simple, Spam-free, and you also get a range of features from which to choose.
There have been 246 down-loads spread over the first seven programs. Comments are still invited, and welcomed, at the site. Don't be shy!

Regards from Melbourne

(Source:Bob Padula/DX Report)