Monday, August 07, 2006

Azores Radio Lajes plans move to 1584 AM

AZORES Radio Lajes - A Voz da Forca Aerea Portuguesa, will hopefully be
back on MW soon, though neither on its previous, inactive, outlet on 648
kHz (was 650 kHz at least in the mid~late 70s) nor on the one shown in
their website, i.e. 1530 kHz, which was the freq they originally planned
to move to. It's going to be on 1584 kHz, a freq where the station seemed
to have operated in the past too. Power will again be 1 kW via the old,
idle tx.

Part of their future plans include DRM operation on MW via a new tx and
VHF-FM power increase from the current 0.150 kW PEP to 0.5 kW PEP. Besides
that, split operation will be an option, i.e. VHF-FM, internet and MW all
carrying different channels albeit including some relays of R. Renascenca,
and with sport being carried via MW. - R. Lajes' audience is not confined
to the Lajes airbase personnel, nor to Lajes or even Praia da Vitoria, the
nearest town, but to the whole island of Terceira at least. If you want to
visit their page
and still need more detail, simply add the following: /lajes.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, June 9; ARC MV-Eko July 14/WWDCX-Top News)