Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog Log - Uruguay

Uruguay (unofficial) 5931v. Emisora Chaná, Tacuarembó, at 2310 UTC, on Dec 12, ad string by woman with mention of, "FM Chaná" several cellular phone numbers heard but difficult to copy, "...segunda hora de Emisora Chaná desde Tacuarembó", by young man.

At 2320 start recording on my mp3. Muisc-Christina Aguilera at 2324, Horoscope reading by same young man. Muisc-"curso de autoestima, psicología". Some kind of "decalog"reading. Gloria Estéfan "Corazón Partido" music at 2352. Frequency is now 5928, at 2353 so wildly drifting downwards in frequency, QRK varies from 2 to 4 some QSB. Ad string at 0002 by young woman. Mentions: manicura, cellular 099 830653 ... "El Diamante", Carpintería en aluminio, etc. Called to a "Fabiana" whose phone was mentioned in the ad string, and she tells me the station is a Communitary one. She recognizes my surname and asks me if I am a relative from a hairdresser living in Tacuarembó. And I answer yes he's my father's cousin. Frequency is 5924 at 0110. sign-off at 0110. On again Dec 13 at 1306 mixing with new Brazilian on 5940, Voz Missionária, Camboriú, with polka music. Frequency noted drifting to 5925 at 1436... adstring: "Barrio Nuevo Tacuarembó, a couple of cell phones., one of them 099 76 39 29. Mexican classic theme: "Alla en el Rancho Grande". Station sign-off at 1438.(Nigro, Uruguay, "El Pinar" DX trip)
(Horacio A Nigro, Montevidoe, Uruguay/HCDX)