Friday, December 18, 2009

Trans World Radio changes its name

International Christian ministry Trans World Radio, a pioneer in media missions, changed its name to TWR on November 18, 2009 . At the same time, the organization adopted the positioning statement "Speaking Hope to the World" to fortify its new identity.
"While our commitment to radio broadcasting remains steadfast, the name Trans World Radio no longer fully conveys the scope of our organization," says TWR President Lauren Libby. "TWR is more than radio. It is a multifaceted media ministry. By changing the name to TWR, we will maintain radio as a keystone communication component all the while employing a strategic integration of new media platforms. In fact, we will even seek to enlarge our broadcasting footprint."
Libby explained that TWR is committed to leveraging digital advances such as the Internet, MP3 players, video and other mobile-device formats. "In recent years, modern technology has enabled us to make significant strides in engaging with our global audience," he said.
"We also recognize the tremendous ministry value of social media portals like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube," Libby adds. "We're not just endeavoring to reach people for Christ; we want to connect and dialogue with them as they grow in faith. Furthermore, we realize social media is a fast and efficient way to communicate with our stakeholders."
The ministry's new positioning statement, according to Libby, will clearly reflect TWR's primary objective of Speaking Hope to the World. "Speaking not only refers to verbal communication but also signifies the ability to relate with people in other resourceful ways," Libby explained. "With that in mind, we will offer relevant messages of hope in Jesus to men, women and children around the globe. Whether it's by radio or other new media means, TWR is dedicated to helping fulfill Christ's Great Commission."
The name Trans World Radio has existed for more than 55 years. It goes without saying that it is entirely unrealistic to expect everyone to stop using that name overnight. That said, TWR staff, partners and affiliated ministries are encouraged to make the gradual shift toward using TWR as the primary moniker.
Is TWR abandoning or scaling back its commitment to radio broadcasting? No, not at all. In some areas of the world, we are increasing traditional radio broadcasts on shortwave, AM and FM outlets. As TWR's Bill Damick states in his forthcoming document "The Future is Here: Radio, New Media and Missions": "[Radio] has the unique ability to deliver its message efficiently, inexpensively, and compellingly to the greatest percentage of the world's people regardless of their economic status, educational attainment, or geographic location."
(NASB Dec 09/Dan Elyea)