Friday, December 18, 2009

News from Uniwave: First DRM receiver with color screen

from Thomson Radio Broadcast

The Di-Wave 100 receiver from Uniwave packs all the digital functionalities that listeners are looking for into a neat, portable model. The attractive new DRM Radio Receiver was successfully demonstrated at various symposiums and exhibitions and showed excellent results during the Olympics at Beijing with the text-based information service known as Journaline®. With its 3.5” TFT LCD color screen, coming Di-Wave models will be able to receive the new DrTV service with with small scale video services.

With dimensions of 125mm (H) x 65mm (W) x 232mm (L) the UniWave set is a very handy, portable set, light and easy to carry. DRM functions include station name, program information, Journaline®, MOT slideshow, listening time-shift of 10 minutes and a total of 768 station memories (256 DRM, 256 FM and 256 AM). The multi-language graphic user interface includes English, Chinese, German, French and Spanish. Reception is possible with DRM, FM-RDS stereo on phones, SW/MW/LW. Later models could include DRM+, TDMB and DAB+.Di-Wave 100 is the first DRM receiver among a big family. UniWave has set forth an ambitious receiver road map for the next two years, and intends to develop the basic model to include a wide range of market specific features with extended reception options, set top box to connect on TV screen, a Di-Wave portable DVD and an attractive Di-Wave car radio model. Future plans also include a receiver which works with a built-in dynamo, eliminating the need of batteries and access to a mains network.

Following the release of the first prototype batch earlier this year, UniWave collected user reports and has now spent some months to improve the specifications. The first production of 300 pieces of the enhanced model started in September, a few samples being dedicated for demos at IBC. Larger production is planned for end of September. Average retail price is expected to be under 250 Euro, with the outlook to reduce the price with increased order volume. The fact that DRM receiver sets are equipped with a monitor makes DRM an attractive means of transmitting a variety of data services over large coverage areas. Possibilities include electronic advertising, tourist information, traffic information, distant learning and transmission of other important educational, cultural and political contents.
DRM has the ease of use and robustness that comes from digital transmissions and has the potential to bring to every radio set a vast selection of content. Whether for local, regional or international coverage, DRM has proven itself to be the easiest, cheapest and most
independent and reliable means of distribution and reception of information, music and entertainment. Order placements can be made through the internet as follows: www.uniwave .
(NASB Dec. 09/Dan Elyea)