Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blog Logs - Clandestines

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign on sign-off*

3912, Voice of the People, Goyang, 1430-1435 and 1916-1918, Nov 29, Korean talks, SINPO 23332 // 6518, 6600. (Bolli and Mille)

4770.00, Voice of Iranian Kurdistan, via Salal Al-Din, Northern Iraq, *0300-0500*, Nov 25 and 29, Kurdish opening announcement, mentioned "kilohertz" twice, Call to Prayer and talk, jammed by Iran, SINPO 33343. Jammer still heard at 0500-0510*. (Petersen)

4800, SW Radio Africa, Meyerton, 1744-1748, Nov 29, English talks, SINPO 34333. (Mille)

6045.00, Voice of Tigers, via Wertachtal (presumed), 0015-0035, Dec 04, new transmission of non-stop Tamil songs, SINPO 35343. (Petersen)

6225, Voice of Tigers - Pulikalin Kural, 1500-1515, Nov 27, Tamil revolutionary songs dedicated to LTTE Head Prabakaran. At 1505 news, most of these concentrate on Sri Lanka, SINPO 32332. (Jaisakthivel)

6298, National Radio of Sahara Arab Democratic Rep., Rabouni, 2325, Nov 25,
6297.2, R Nacional de la R.A.S.D, Rabouni, 2034-2325, Nov 25, Arabic ID: "RepĂșblica Arabe Saharaui" // 1550 MW, 2300 Spanish talk with strong Arabic accent which was difficult to understand, vocal music by children, SINPO 25432. (Freitas and Schnitzer via HCDX)

7165, Voice of Peace/Voice of Democratic Eritrea (tentative), via Geja Jewe, Ethiopia, 0429, Nov 30, Tigrinya talks between short music, strong QRM “airplane turbine”, SINPO 22432. (Freitas)

7510, Open Radio North Korea, via Yerevan, Armenia, 2150-2200*, Nov 28, Korean talk, a song in Korean, SINPO 25442. (Grimm)

7510, Suab Xaa Moo Zoo (Voice of Hope) (presumed), via Taipei, 2254-2300*, Nov 10, Hmong-Blue/Njua slow talk and music, SINPO 35433. (Freitas)

7515, Radio Free Chosun, via Tashkent, 1954 carrier noted, *2000-2059, Nov 19 and Dec 05, anthem, Korean talks, SINPO 33433 QRM from R Farda on 7520. Website: . (Freitas and Sellers)

7530, Xoriyo, via Samara, 1705-1730*, Dec 04, talk mentioning Hargeisa, multiple mentions of Ogadeni and a folk song. (Liangas)

7540, Radio Denge Mezopotamya, via Mykolaiv, Ukraine, 1954-2001, Nov 29, Kurdish music and short ann, ID, SINPO 25432. (Freitas)

9810, Radio Republica, via Sackville, 0044, Nov 28, Spanish politics to Cuba, fair. (Bernardini)

11510, Voice of Tigers - Pulikalin Kural, 1312-1458, Nov 26 and 27, Tamil revolutionary songs with the revolution talks, SINPO 33433. (Howard and Jaisakthivel)

11760, Voice of Oromiyan Liberation Front, via Wertachtal (500 kW 135 degrees), Su/Tu/Th 1600-1630 to East Africa in Oromo on new frequency, ex11805 to avoid Radio Liberty in Russian. (Ivanov, via BC-DX and Jaisakthivel, Dec 01)

17495, Democratic Voice of Burma, via Talata-Volondry, Madagascar, 1430-1433, Nov 10, instrumental music, ID in Burmese, reports from external correspondents, SINPO 35433. (Freitas)

17560, Voice of Tigers - Pulikalin Kural, 1202-1258, Nov 25 and 26, Tamil film songs with out any announcement. It is like a test broadcast,SINPO 33232. However, on Nov 26, WRN did carry the Russian language programmes at 1000-1130! But the clandestine broadcasting in Tamil came on the air at 1200. However, the Station ID said “Pulikalin Kural – The Voice of Tigers”, so it is not IBC Tamil! In 1990, the Pulikalin Kural started in Jaffna, whereas it withstand from various attacks over it. 23 times it get attacked, but still to service again. When the people lost their lives on May 16, the Voice of Tigers had also stopped its service. Voice of Tigers has live stream on and . (Jaisakthivel).

(DSWCI/DX Window # 391 via Anker Peterson)