Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blog Logs - India

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on *sign-off

4760.01, Radio Kashmir, Leh, 0245-0310, Nov 25, English news heard // AIR Lucknow 4880 and AIR Jaipur 4910, 0300 Own programme of Kashmiri songs, 13121, QRM Tajikistan 4765. (Petersen)

4760, All India Radio (AIR) Port Blair, Andamans, 0100 and 1200, Dec 03, Indian vernaculars, SIO 444. (Goonetilleke)

4775, AIR Impal, 1240, vernaculars, fair signals. (Goonetilleke)

4800, AIR Hyderabad, 1230, Dec 04, fighting with CNR1, both SIO 433. (Goonetilleke)

4810, AIR Bhopal, 1230, usual AIR format of local language, SIO 333 fading. (Goonetilleke)

4820, AIR Kolkata, 1230, Dec 04, mixing with Lhasa, Tibet, SIO 322-433. (Goonetilleke)

4835, AIR Gangtok, 1200-1600*, Nov 24 and Dec 04, Station ID and frequency ann including MW into beautiful flutes chanting and fanfare with a lovely signal, followed by chanting type Buddhist temple singing. at 1215 about 4 minutes of what appeared to be news in Tibetan. Sikkhim has a fairly large Tibetan population but the dominant race is Nepali I believe. Fine reception before Mumbai comes on 4840 *1230. At 1531 could make out the news in English from Delhi, // 4760, 4775, 4810, 4880, 4895, 4910, 4920, 4940, 4950, 4970, 4990, 5010, 5040, 5050, 9425 and 9470. A phenomenal day for AIR reception! (Goonetilleke and Howard)

4840, AIR Mumbai, *1230-1245, Dec 04, strong a bit scratchy modulation, SIO 433. (Goonetilleke)

4850, AIR Kohima, 1200-1407v*, Nov 24, 25, 30, Dec 04 and 05, beautiful choral singing, 1340-1400 local news in English with major item about tomorrows start of the Hornbill Festival, weather, 1400 popular music program; DJ said for some reason he had not received any letters or emails with requests, so he would play songs he liked, suddenly off. Nov 30, 1400 ID: “This is All India Radio Kohima”; special address by the Governor of Nagaland, Nikhil Kumar, on the eve of the anniversary of the state of Nagaland having formally been inaugurated on Dec 01, 1963 and for the start tomorrow of the Hornbill Festival ( ) Dec 04, 1340 news about 4th day of Hornbill Festival (“Festival of Festivals”); fire destroyed some shops in Kohima; Defense Minister Shri AK Antony will arrive in Kohima tomorrow to visit the Hornbill Festival. Was off the air Nov 28, 29, Dec 01 and 02. (Goonetilleke and Howard)

4860, AIR Delhi, 1245, distorted carrier. This transmitter having problems, SIO 333. (Goonetilleke)

4880, AIR Lucknow, 1240, Nov 19, audio breaks though carrier stable, SIO 333. (Goonetilleke)

4895, AIR Kurseong in North West Bengal, 1247-1320, Dec 02 and 04, AIR interval signal, subcontinent music; in Hindi; mixing with assume Mongolia, SIO 333. (Goonetilleke and Howard)

4910, AIR Jaipur, 1230-1639, Dec 02 and 04, song, weaker than Lhasa, Tibet 4905 at 1600, 23332. (Goonetilleke and Mille). Also heard at 0147, Nov 28, songs, fair. (Bernardini)

4920, AIR Chennai, 1230-1645, Dec 02, local music, SINPO 22332, strong China underneath giving QRM. (Goonetilleke and Mille)

4940, AIR Guwahati, 1250, usual Indian vernaculars, SIO 333. (Goonetilleke)

4950.03, Radio Kashmir, Srinagar, 1252-1743*, Nov 28, Kashmiri folksongs, vernacular ann, 1730 English news heard // AIR on 4800, 4880, 4910 and 5010. But at 1735 Radio Kashmir continued its own program and did not relay the news in Hindi. Instead it had news in Kashmiri (p) and signed off with a song, 25343. QRM China until 1600*. (Goonetilleke and Petersen)

4965, AIR Shimla, 1330-1630*, Dec 04, Back on the air! 322. (Goonetilleke). I heard it at 1600, Dec 04, with ID which confirms it is AIR Shimla, at that time the "Himachali Sangeet" programme ended and started a 'Airtel' sponsored Programe (the name sounded like “Apka Sandesh”) - though reception is very poor and like many other AIR transmeters - the audio level is lower than the signal when comparing with other stations, the anns also confirmed the AIR Shimla is on MW and SW. But they did not ann the frequencies. (Goswami, via Gupta)

4970, AIR Shillong, 1245-1629*, Nov 19, 24, 25 and Dec 05, congenial young woman with live on-air phone calls for music requests and dedications in English; had callers from Delhi, Calcutta, etc.; asked the callers about their weather (both Delhi and Calcutta were cold); played songs by Bertie Higgins, Celine Dion, ABBA, etc.; short break for news headlines; 1511 said she would be back next Tuesday evening at 8 PM (1430 UTC); switched over to programming from Delhi; mostly fair. The modulation was much better today, but still with a hum. Dec 05: “Live Wire” show started playing all Christmas music, “to get into the Christmas spirit” (“Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer”; Nat King Cole singing “A Cradle In Bethlehem”, very enjoyable to listen to her sparkling voice! 433. (Goonetilleke and Howard)

4990, AIR Itanagar, 1250-1511, Nov 19, 25, Dec 02 and 04, English with cricket scores; into Hindi and subcontinent music; news in Hindi; 1420 musical fanfare, “Good evening. This is All India Radio Itanagar”; news in English, a review of the activities of Parliament (mostly dealing with workers issues of wages, medical compensation, etc.); // 4920 (QRM), 5010 and 5050 (QRM). Clearly the best reception I have ever had here! SIO 444. (Goonetilleke and Howard)

5040, AIR Jeypore, 1235, strong SIO 444. (Goonetilleke)

5050, AIR Aizawl, 1248-1630*, Nov 25, eastern Indian ballads under Gwanxi, China, English with an address to the nation by the Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan on the eve of National Law Day; speech // 4920, 4970 and 5010. (Goonetilleke and Howard)

6090, AIR Vivdh Bharthi program, 0830-1200, Nov 23, 24, 25 and 26, heard on this frequency. However, on Nov 25 the External Service in Indonesian was broadast. At aroud 0830 test tones were heard on 6100 first and later on 6090. The Vividh Bharti tests on 6090 on Dec 05 at 0900-1200 is due to simulcast experiments of DRM by AIR. The DRM frequency is 6100. (Jacob)

9870, AIR Bengaluru, 1720-1740, Dec 01, Hindi programme with typical Hindi music, talks (news?), became weaker after 1730, SINPO 34333. (Bredahl Jorgensen)

9950, AIR Delhi, 1930, Dec 05, English, pause and then woman with news, very poor // 7550. (Sellers)

15075, AIR Bangalore, 0313, Nov 25, IS and sign on in Hindi 0315, SINPO 45444. (Cássio)
(DSWCI/DX Window # 391 via Anker Petersen)