Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Programming

  • a reminder to our blog readers

    BBC Radio 4
  • The Today team has also made an Advent Calendar, each door concealing a different piece of audio from the last 12 months, with a rather fetching turkey to illustrate the feature:

    And, as every year, you listeners have responded magnificently to the Radio 4 St-Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal, so very many thanks.
    (Radio 4 Newsletter)

    BBC Radio 7
    This week our Christmas schedule will be unwrapped, which includes some Charles Dickens’ perennial favourites beginning with The Pickwick Papers, then A Christmas Carol in Christmas week, and his ghost story The Signal Man.

    Christmas Classic comedy kicks off with two seasonal comedies which are over 50 years old, but have certainly stood the test of time: Hancock’s Bill and Father Christmas and from the Goons, The International Christmas Pudding.

    And in the Comedy Club, our seasonal offerings include Christmas Specials from The Masterson Inheritance and The Shuttleworths.(BBC 7 Newsletter)


    Paul Reid Christmas - AM 900 CHML, Hamilton, Ontario

    Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, family traditions abound here, at AM900 CHML, our tradition includes sharing a Paul Reid Christmas with you.

    Listen December 24 from 8pm-10pm, and December 25 4pm-6pm.

    Gather friends and family ‘round the radio, as we air the timeless Christmas special hosted by the legendary Paul Reid. It’s the magic of the season, as only Paul Reid can deliver. Don’t miss a Paul Reid Christmas, presented by Wesley Urban Ministries, a holiday Tradition of AM900CHML!

    Can’t wait until December 24? The audio is online at:
    ( )