Wednesday, December 02, 2009

shortwave news from Shortwave Weekly

Chris Freitas, a broadcast student at the University of Memphis, invites all shortwave hobbyist, to tune into his shortwave radio podcast called Shortwave Weekly. The program is produced each week, with a focus on the shortwave hobby and provides news and information to listeners.

The format of the program is somewhat similar to the DX programs that are currently on-air via shortwave, with future plans to expand with additional topics on receiver reviews, program changes, and whatnot, as well as guest speakers from shortwave stations to speak out on many hot topics. Also, tips, suggestions and possibly a "SW Guide" of sorts so you can found out what programs to look out for this week on international radio!

To learn more and following Shortwave Weekly, follow Chris' program and blog spot at:

Podcast RSS feed (You can search for this also on iTunes)

MP3 Link:

Good luck to Chris and Shortwave Weekly from Shortwave Central Blog