Friday, November 30, 2007

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

Thanks to the pirate gang for this weeks enewsletter. Enjoy the following sampling and best of DX!

Gayle VH

Grasscutter and Sunshine Radio ( 6925 AM 1659-1729 11/24/07 SIO=444. Prgm of Beatles and otherrock mx, w/ID's both by OM Grasscutter and YL Sunshine duringthe bcst. Good signal at first, but faded out by 1729. for repts. (Zeller-OH)

MAC Shortwave 6850a 11/25/7 17:17 sio232, "I Ran", little kid doing ID at17:19, "Ultra Man", George Harrison singing a pirate song, of withNational Anthem at 12:25 (Fansome PA) 6850 AM, 1835-1910+ 11-24-07. SIO: 343Program of oldies ID by a young boy, mentioned it was the UltramanShow, into a tune by Slade. [Lobdell-MA]

Old Turkey Radio 6925U 11/24 2052-2115. Started with a turkey gooble right afterGrasscutter and Sunshine show. Had a turkey rap song with an old guydoing the identifications. (good Majewski CT)

WBNY, Radio Bunny 6925u 11/25/7 17:49 sio333, lots of monkey-related sounds, thenthe Commander hawking t-shirts for Christmas, "secret message" forthe monkeys in the audience, a little too noisy to make out, sendQSL request with secret message, get a special QSL package. (Fansome PA) 6925U 2203-2215 11/24/97 SIO=242. A mix of ads for the CommanderBunny-Kracker ticket that is running for President, and also instructionsfor monkeys in the audience. Some recorded Allan Weiner remarks from WBCQ,incl criticism of Bush. No addr hrd on this bcst, but they use Belfast.(Zeller-OH)

WMPR 6955a 11/25/7 15:49 sio222, sounds kind of like a show tune, notthe usual techno/dance, tortured puppy id at 15:54, now back to moretecno-like music at 16:00 (Fansome PA)
(Source: FRW #616 via Greg Majewski)