Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blog Logs

A special thanks to Joe Wood, Brian Bagwell, Ron Howard, Brian Alexander, Mark Hyland, and John Wilkins for the following logging contributions. Have you sent yours in yet ?

Broadcast in English unless otherwise indicated
* sign-on sign-off* // parallel frequency

All times UTC

Ascension Island
BBC World Svc relay. 7160, 0300-0330. African news, sports and world news roundup to music tunes. SINPO 33333. Also logged this relay on 6145 at 0345 during Network Africa program. (Mark Hyland, NY)

BBC World Svc relay 21470, 1600. News from the military scene in Africa and the sub continent. (Joe Wood, TN)

Radio Australia (via Shepperton). 6020, 1146. Discussion on Aussie equestrian events and the equestrian flu occuring in New South Wales. Business items including report on the Australian Stock Exchange.Good signal. (Joe Wood, TN)

Radio Santa Cruz. 6134.8, 0935-1005. Local music to station ID. Talk in Spanish and Aymara amid fir-good signal quality. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Radio Nacional. 4915, 0602. Portuguese station identification to station info, frequency and address. Announcer's pop music program. (Joe Wood, TN).

CNR-1. 6110, 1233-1248. Chinese programming during good signal with noted strong echo, seemed to be jamming a weaker station in Chinese. Parallel (//) programming noted on 5030 (fair) and 6030 (fair-poor, mixing with C&W music from Calgary (CFVP) and 7280 (good). This jamming is very effective, especially with the strong echo. (Ron Howard, CA).

PBS Nei Menggu (presumed). 7270, 1133-1203. Mongolian programming, mostly talking. Time tips at 1200, could not hear anything of Wai FM via RTM Malaysia. Heard // 7210 weakly. (Ron Howard, CA)

CNR-1. 7280, 1206-1211. Chinese programming with strong signal, on top of a statipn that might have been in Chinese. This is to jam the Sound of Hope, which is scheduled for 1100-1300. Noted on // 5030 and 6030. (Ron Howard, CA)

Radio Rebelde. 5025, 0205. Spanish programming of music and segemnts targeted to Central America and Mexico. (Mark Hyland, NY)


Echo of Hope. 6003, 1316-1406. Announcer's Korean announcements, followed by Korean vocal music program. Good signal with no sign of jamming noted. (John Wilkins, CO)

Czech Republic
Radio Prague. 13580, 1312. Barely audible discussion on the German occupation of former Czechoslovakia during WWR II. Poor signal. (Joe Wood, TN)

Dominican Republic
Radio Amancer International. 6025, 0402-0444.* Presumed this station during non-stop religious singing for fair-poor signal quality. No sign of sign-off routine or station announcements. (Ron Howard, CA)

HCJB (via Quito). 11960, 1301. Spanish text of religious sermon during good signal quality. (Joe Wood, TN).

La Voz del Napa (via Tena). 3279, 0516-0526. Spanish religious service and prayers. (Joe Wood, TN).

Radio Quito (via Quito) 4918.99, 0125-0225. Spanish announcements to ID at 0133, followed by ads and station jingles. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Equatorial Guinea
Radio Africa (via Bata). 15190, 1105-1155. Religious programming into Radio Africa ID. Strong signal but the usual poor, slightly distorted audio and occasional weak co-channel QRM via Radio Havana in Spanish. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Radio Gabon. 4777, *0501-0525. Station dign-on with last 15 seconds of Gabonese national anthem, followed by French announcements and station identification. (Brian Alexander, PA)

American Forces Radio. 5765 USB, 1129-1144. First log of this station. National Public Radio relay of Morning Edition. Several station IDs for NPR into US and world topics. Fair signal quality. (Joe Wood, TN)

Radio Verdad (via Chiqumula). 4052.5, 0533-0543. English/Spanish mix of gospel rogramming - best signal heard in weeks. Audible from 4050-4055 khz. (Joe Wood, TN).

HRMI (via Tegucigalpa). Spanish religious services during poor signal quality. (Joe Wood, TN).

Voice of Indonesia. 11785. 1559-1617. Heard after WHRI signed off at 1559. Noted usual 'loop' of "from Jakarta, you are listening to the Voice of Indonesia." Fair signal into Arabic programming of Qur'an recitations. // 9524.96. (ron Howard, CA).

RRI-Pontianak. 3976.06, 1204-1235. Jakarta relay items in Indonesian at 1223 into local programming and talk program for good signal quality. (John Wilkins, CO).

RRI-Biak. 4920, 1208-1245+. Jakarta news items in Indonesian to English segments of local programming. U.S. pop tunes to station interval signal. Fair signal at tune-in, but weaker by 1301. (John Wilkins, CO).

Suara Islam/Voice of Islam via RTM. 6049.64, 1400-1447. Vernacular language with fair to good rec eption quality. Program begins after Asyik FM programming. Two brief pip signals into list of frequencies and station IDs. More Islamic programming followed by pop music and ten minutes of news. (Ron Howard, CA)

Asyik FM. 6049.64, 1130-1142. last item of Islamic 'Call to Prayers', folllowed by a local talk porgram. (John Wilkins, CO).


Radio Nigeria (via Kaduna). 4770, 0545-0555. Block of music from blues to poor music during poor signal qualirt. (Joe Wood, TN).

Pirate (USA)
Random Radio 6925 USB, 0242-0248.* First lof of this station. Male announcer's mention that this was a program repeat. Recording of President Johnson's speech on not seeking a second term. Theme music from TV's Bonanza, followed by Ring of Fire from Johnny Cash. (Joe Wood, TN).


Voice of Russia. 6155, 0330. Station identification to world nescast. (Mark Hyland, NY) VOR noted on 6140, 7250, 12050, 0200-0300. (Brian Bargwell, MO)

Sao Tome
Voice of America relay. 4960, 0529. French. Yankee Doodle interval signal, followed by lady announcers reading of the world news. Good signal quality. (Joe Wood, TN)

South Africa
Channel Africa. 17770. 1550-1556.* Station and program announcements, plus address and an invitation to listeners letters. (Joe Wood, TN).

Voice of Turkey. 6055, 2010. Station identification followed by classical music. (Mark Hyland, NY) VOT audible on 6020 and 7240, 0400-0420 with SINPO 44344. (Brian Bagwell, MO)

SW Radio Africa. 12035, 1815-1859.* A lot of local music to discussion on the problems in Zimbabwe. Good to very good signal quality. Audibel on // weak and // 11775 very weak under Dr Gene Scott. (Brian Alexander, PA)
Photo: Ascension Island aerial via World QSL Book.