Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BBC World Service to be available on AM in Salt Lake City

KCPW, a public radio station based in Salt Lake City and serving Northern Utah, has announced that it is bringing round the clock news from BBC World Service to Salt Lake City. A notice on the station’s website says “We’re turning our 1010 AM signal to 24-hour news and information from the BBC. You don’t even need to buy a new radio to hear this expansion of news and information from KCPW.” The station is asking for donations to help raise the $33,000 start-up costs, and is also inviting listeners to help choose a logo for the service.

Kim Andrew Elliott notes: “If my information is up to date, the station has 50,000 Watts during the day, but only 194 Watts at night. ”
(Source: KCPW via KimAndrewElliott.com/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)