Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blog Logs

693 was also noted back on air at around 1250 utc with a female announcer announcing that they were off the air due to power b/down.(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India - 17 Nov)

7249.9 Bangladesh Betar (tent.) 1230 M anncr at t/in sounding like it could have been EG, but difficult to tell for sure. Subcont. flute mx bridge at 1231, then different M anncr. Came back at 1256 and Hams were all over it. The signal went off at exactly 1259:51* leaving something else here. Needs better conditions w/out QRM. Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX - (17 Nov.)

4699.37, Radio San Miguel, 0912-0930 Steady music (flutes and drums) until 0930 when male in Spanish comments broadcasts. Poor signal. (Chuck Bolland, FL -November 17, 2007)

6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, 0955-1000 At tune-in, noted a male in Quechua language with comments. At 0957, local type music presented. At the hour, promos and canned ID. Signal was fair, (Chuck Bolland, FL - November 17, 2007

6089.95, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 0835-0845, Nov 17, Portuguese talk. Fair but slight DRM QRM. // 9645.24- very weak. Anguilla 6090 off the air. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Burkina Faso

5030, RTB (presumed), Ouagadougou, 0605-0632, Nov 18,TIRWR not heard for a second consecutive day, program in French,consisting mostly of African high-life music and songs, 0622 seemed tochange to a type of African rap song, ballad, etc. The timing for thiswas perfect, as their sunrise was at 0606 UT. Reception would havebeen fair to good, except for a problem with local noise. Some QRMfrom Radio Rebelde on 5025. Am very grateful to Dan Sheedy for thistip. (Ron Howard, CA)

(N. Korea) - 5985 Shiokaze/Sea Breeze *1400-1430* Nov 16. Here now, ex-9485 and ex-*1300. EG today - M ancr with press review featuring Korean items; opening and closing anmts by usual YL. Good signal, presume still via Taiwan. Xmtr shut off exactly at 1430, i.e. no Radio Free Chosun following as before - maybe RFC is still *1330. (John Wilkins-CO)

3985.03, Croatian Radio-Voice of Croatia, 2315-2329, Nov 16, English "Croatia Today" news program along with sports and weather. IDs. Local music at 2329. Weak but readable. Much better reception on // 7285-via Germany. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15370, Radio Havana Cuba, 1420-1430+ News and comments in Spanish with many mentions of "Cuba" and "Cubanos". At 1430, canned ID as, "Esta es Radio Habana Cuba ....". Signal was poor at my QTH since I am in the skip zone probably. (Chuck Bolland,FL, November 17, 2007

Equatorial Guinea
6250.0, Radio Nacional-Malabo, 0620-0655, Nov 17, Re-activated frequency. Spanish talk. Many mentions of Radio Bata & Malabo. Afro-pop music. Fair. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Radio Nacional-Bata, 2240-2301* Nov 16, Spanish announcements. Afro-pop music. Sign off with their usual long National Anthem. Not heard in some time. Fairly strong carrier but weak modulation. (Brian Alexander, PA)

(non) 15120, Radio Free Europe, 1403-1415 News and features in the Kazakh language. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL, November 17, 2007)

(non) 15130, Radio Free Europe, 1408-1420 News and features in the Russian Language. Recorded seqments in English. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL, November 17, 2007)

(non), 15205, Voice of America, 1411-1425 Noted a program of news and features in the English Language. ID'd as "... VOA News ...". This is listed as being relayed via Lampertheim, Germany. Signal was pretty good considering the location of the transmitter and target area. (Chuck Bolland, FL, November 17, 2007)

3250.06 R. Luz y Vida 1129-1137 EG lang. lesson pgm w/M in EG and W in SP. All sentences were rel. in nature. Finally pgm outro by M at 1133, then pgm promo w/sked and ment of Christiano, and another for pgm sounding like "Mananitas Christana" and beginning w/ID. 1136 live M anncr came on w/greeting and nice clear ID and into mx pgm. Still going but weak by 1230. Good signal. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX -17 Nov.)

4760, 1150 UTC - All India Radio Port Blair with talk program in Tamil by male. Reception is SIO 353. (Peter Ng, Malaysia)

4760.04, ELWA, Monrovia, 2230-2303*, Nov 16, English religious messages. Religious music. Sign off with National Anthem. Weak. Poor signal in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9599.27, Radio UNAM, Mexico City, 2225-2235, Nov 16, classical music. Several IDs at 2228-2229. Spanish talk. Good signal strength but QRM from station on 9600. (Brian Alexander, PA)

11610, Radio Voice of the People, *0400-0445, Nov 17, sign on with local music and opening announcements in local language. English ID announcements & frequency schedule at 0401 followed by talk in local language. Occasional IDs. Short breaks of African music. English after 0437 but difficult to understand due to accent. Music loop jammer started at 0402 causing some co-channel QRM.Jammer’s signal strength varied from weak to fairly strong making reception quite difficult at times. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5965, Radio Malaysia, 1300-1340 Stayed on this for almost an hour. Heard a series of news and features in possibly the Malay Language. The band was almost gone, but the signal was on a clear freq, albeit a weak signal. Thus it was easy to hear, but not the ID. Both female and male announcers were featured. Signal was poor to threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL, November 17, 2007)

15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman, 1452-1500, Nov 17, tune-in to English program entitled "November Achievements" in Oman. Local pop music. Euro-pops. Chimes/gongs at 1500 & into Arabic. Weak but readable. Not heard in some time. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Papua New Guinea
3315 R. Manus 1141 not very strong at this time w/end of Reggae-like song then W anncr host and someone on phone. Back to mx at 1144. UTE came on at 1155-1204 ruining any hopes for a ToH ID. 1204 nice pleasant choral song w/jungle bird SFX, then M and same W anncr but couldn't copy. 1208 into Pop song followed by an island song. 1216 laid-back M anncr w/song anmnts and dedications and ending w/TC, then lively island song followed by Pop song. 1223 nice canned network ID by M between songs as "Karai National Radio, the voice of Papua New Guinea". Live studio M anncr returned at 1229 w/song anmnts again, etc. w/ment of "radio" and "good night". 1235 same canned network ID as hrd at 1223. M and W anncrs were both on at 1238. Not really strong. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX - 17 Nov.)

Papua New Guinea
7325 Wantok Light (Presumed) Christian music. Talk by announcer in Pidgin. There was an announcement in English that the program was sponsored by a building company. Christian preaching program after 1100. Good signal via DX Tuner Australia.(Johnson Cumbre DX Nov 16)

5039.19, Radio Libertad, 1042-1100, Tuned in with music initially being heard. At about 1055 a possible canned ID and then back to music. (Chuck Bolland, FL - November 17, 2007)
6047.19, Radio Santa Rosa, 1114-1125 With a very weak signal, noted a male in Spanish comments here and continue thru period. Splatter from HCJB on 6050 KHz covers the signal periodically. RSR was threshold. (Chuck Bolland, November 17, 2007)

6075, Radio Rossii, 1128-1135 Noted Russian pop music prior to the half hour. At 1130, brief comments in Russian, then back to music. Signal was fading in and out under QRM. (Chuck Bolland, FL -November 17, 2007)

7285, IRRS, Milano, Italy, 1845-1957, Nov 16 "Wells of Salvation" English religious program. IRRS ID & address at 1902 followed by more religious programming. United News & Information(UNI) news at 1932. Lite music at 1939. Program of poems at 1946. Totally covered by China at 1957. Good signal until 1957. (Brian Alexander, PA)

South Africa

[broadcating to the Congo]. 9635, R. Okapi, *0400-0419,Nov 18, noted tones before sign-on, drums and into French programming,seems to be various R. Okapi reporters with many recorded items, eachitem ending with "Radio Okapi", 0415 their usual upbeat "Okapi"singing jingle, fair to good. Again thanks to Dan Sheedy for the headsup that this was being well heard. (Ron Howard, CA)

9265.04, WMLK, Bethal, Pa, 1757-1830+, Nov 16, ID, phone number. Usual English religious talk about Yahweh teachings. Fair signal with a good modulation level for a change. (Brian Alexander, PA)