Sunday, November 25, 2007

Logs from Thailand

4678 Regional Stn Xam Nua (listed), observed times 0000-0030 relay National Radio Vientiane, 0030 own program to 0215 f/out. 0900/0930-1300; very often with (for our ears) monotonuos a-capella singing by YL; fair level here.

6130 National Radio Vientiane observed s/on 2156 with sung anthem (pres.) and announcements including frequencies, off at 2322; at 0008 on again and observed to 0430, then 0745-1530 s/off, but possibly continuous; local station level here. (Gerhard Werdin-THA, touring in and around Chiang May in NoThailand, wwdxc BC-DX Nov 24)

5040 Minority Sce; observed 0745-1520+ with word program and local music, always with a distinct hum/drone which; fair level 5770 kHz Defence Forces R; monitored transmission times are: 0130-0430, 0730-0930, 1130-1530 UT.

A typical s/on procedure as observed on 21.11 was like this:
1126 carrier tone
1129 melody on wooden xylophone-type instrument(s) for 45 sec or shorter
1130 anncts (ID ?) by mostly female voice in Burmese/local lang
1132 melody on gongs/drums acc by flute for appr 1 min
1133 anncts again
1134 march-like melody for appr. 30 sec, ending abruptly
At s/off this procedure is repeated !

Program consits of occ word program, but largely of Burmese adaptations of western pop and country music, e.g. ABBA's "Super Trooper" or "The Young Ones" (was it Paul Anka ?)

During periods of silence simetimes SSB traffic observed. Local station level here.

5985 National Radio; observed transmission times 0030-0130 and 0900/0930-1530+, on 21.11. with English program at 1522.

7185 National Radio; on 24.11. at 0210 observed with English pop music, at 0230 English news, e.g. on ASEAN summit in Singapore, where "ASEAN leaders ko-towed again to the Burmese Junta" (quote Bangkok Post).

At 0240 Western rap music (no Burmese adaptations) with two canned announcements in between, one saying a.o. "BBC lying, VOA deceiving", the other denouncing protesters as "criminals and opportunists", at 0259 end of program announcement in English and Burmese, 0300 silent.

9730 National Radio; on 24.11. at 0730 no English program observed as per schedule, txm silent. (Gerhard Werdin-THA, touring in and around Chiang May in NoThailand, wwdxc BC-DX Nov 24)

I stand corrected with announcement on 6150 kHz being "Nine-three-eight Live", which I always understood as "Ninety eight Live"; I checked the Mediacorp website ... (Gerhard Werdin-THA, touring in and around Chiang May in NoThailand, wwdxc BC-DX Nov 24)
(WB, Germany via HCDX)