Sunday, November 25, 2007

QSL Report Central

Station: - All India Radio Delhi
Frequency: - 10330 kHz
Time: - 0900-0930 UTC
Language: - Hindi
Description: - Verifies by V. P. Singh. River Indus,
Alchi, Ladakh.

Station: - AWR Asia/Pacific
Frequency: - 9725 kHz (Agat, Guam)
Time: - 1430-1500 UTC
Language: - Karen
Description: - Adventist World Radio, The Voice of
Hope .

Station: - Deutsche Welle
Frequency: - 6170 kHz (Trincomalee)
Time: - 1600-1700 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - Verified by Horst Scholz, Transmission
Management. Deutsche Welle 1953 - 2003.

Station: - Radio Free Asia
Frequency: - 15690 kHz (IBB Sri Lanka)
Time: - 0030-0100 UTC
Language: - Lao
Description: - 11 years of broadcasting excellence September 29 1996-2007. This card commemorates RFA's 11th anniversary of its first broadcast which took place on September 29, 1996; our first broadcast was in Mandarin Chinese. This QSL is issued for all confirmed reception reports from September - December 2007. Please continue to submit your reception reports to or by e-mail to .

Station: - Radio Praha
Frequency: - 11600 kHz
Time: - 0330 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - Praded. Located in the Maravia-Silesia region on the peak of Praded mountain at a height of 1491 m. Previously a stone observation tower stood on this spot. In the 1980s a 162-m television transmitter was built here.

Station: - Radio Tirana, Albania
Frequency: - 7465 kHz
Time: - 1845-1900 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - RTI International, Radio Trina, Albania.

Station: - Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Frequency: - 7370 kHz
Time: - 1530-1627 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - QSL (No. 2) The main portico and the wind tower of Khaneh - ye Borujerdi (House) - Kashan.

Station: - Radio Canada International
Frequency: - 11675 kHz (via Kunming relay, China)
Time: - 1500-1557 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified by Bill Westenhaver. 60 Years of Radio Worldwide! Radio Canada International is proud to offer its loyal listeners a series of exclusive QSL cards to mark its 60th anniversary. For 60 years, RCI has been bringing you rich, diverse radio that today include over 300 hours of programming each week. Tune in weekly to Ian
Johns and his Maple Leaf Mailbag team on shortwave, satellite or

Station: - KBS World Radio
Frequency: - 9515 kHz
Time: - 1600-1700 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - The Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Jeju's volcanic islands and lava tubes have been added to the World Natural Heritage list by UNESCO. It bears great significance in that it's the first time for a natural site in Korea to be registered on the list. The Jeju heritage site consists of Mt Halla, the Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and the island's lava tubes. UNESCO's list of world heritage sites is comprised of location that are deemed to have outstanding value to all
mankind. The picture shows the Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Mt Halla on Jeju Island.

Station: - Radio Sweden
Frequency: - 11675 kHz
Time: - 0130 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - View of Stockholm.

Station: - HCJB Global Australia
Frequency:- 15425 kHz (Transmitting from Kununurra in the northwest of Australia)
Time: - 1130-1200 UTC
Language:- English
Description: - e-QSL. Kapok Flower. The kapok tree grows in the kimberleys and flowers in the dry season , at the end of the dry season it produces seed pods, which were used as filling for mattresses.
(Source: Mukesh Kumar, India)