Friday, November 16, 2007

Blog Logs

1130 LOUISIANA KWKH, Shreveport; 2302-2308 14 November, 2007. Tune-in to ABC Radio News, local ads 2305+, "...offering you a special KWKH discount..." followed by local weather by man at 2307, into Classic C&W format song. Very good.

3975 HUNGARY Kossuth Rádió; 2238-2300* 15 November, 2007. Nonstop, mumbly ungarian male speaker until 2254 when a different man mentioned "kiloHertz" and into classical bumper music, then a clear Kossuth Rádió ID, into what seemed to be an interval signal and what also seemed to be a multi-language identification (German for one, seemingly Radio Budapest) and transmitter abruptly off. Fair and clear, except for the occasionally weak ARO/ham/pigsnot QRM.

4319U DIEGO GARCIA AFRTS; 2303-2307 15 November, 2007. Unidentified US network news feed, fair but semi-clobbered by a nearby RTTY.

5010 INDIA AIR, Thiruvananthapuram; 0136-0150 16 November, 2007. Hindi pop-ish vocals, Hindi male announcer, chipper female patter at 0149. Fair in line noise.

5050 CHINA Guangxi BCS, Nanning; 2308-2323 15 November, 2007. Presumed the site/network with Chinese male nonstop talk, fill music 2311. Clear and fair. Carrier on 5060 (possibly Xingjang PBS, or possibly not).

5240 CHINA Xizang PBS, Llasa; 2326-2332 15 November, 2007. Nonstop male blather, definitely non-Chinese language. Clear and good signal.

7160 IRAN Voice of Justice; 0132-0220 15 November, 2007. Excellent with great English propaganda programming, aired a Koran passage in Farsi followed by English translation with slight reverb for wonderfully creepy effects, mentioned the date (so apparently not too far canned), cheery greetings and into mostly anti-US news. Format and copy writing is a clone of Radio Havana Cuba's English style. Hmm, maybe we'll get VoIRI/Voice of Justice via Cuba eventually? Why not? Hanoi, Moscow and Caracas worked.

7350 RUSSIA Mayak; *0200+; thanks David Crawford discovery a couple of weeks ago. Nightly and local level; so nice to hear Mayak once again, and the interval signal just before the hour. Not the same Mayak of old, now with sporadic US/UK pop music at times, and slick canned ID's. Transmitter site unknown, thus my generic lumping under "Russia" for this entry (really Moldova or Ukraine?)..

7360 BELARUS Radio Belarus, Minsk; 2240-2258 14 November, 2007. Dance/techno-ish vocals in Russian or whatever, male "You're listening to Radio Belarus..." More of the same music till 2245, then "You're tuned to the external service of Radio Belarus" and another song. Nasty QRM popped up at 2258, preventing reception of the sign-off. No audible parallels located. All logs paralleled on the JRC NRD-535 and ICOM R-75.
(Source: Terry Kruger, FL)