Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More news from Liberia's ELWA on shortwave

Thanks to Hans Johnson via Cumbre DX, for the following update on Liberia's ELWA testing.
Gayle VH

4760 ELWA (Cumbre DX follow up) Following up on Scott andJari's observations, ELWA reports to Cumbre DX the following: ELWA is testing their new 5 kilowatt shortwave transmitter which arrived in country about two months ago.

They are running it at 3 kilowatts into a new antenna from the hours of 1730-2300 UTC (5:30 to 11 PM local.)There will eventually be morning transmissions on 6070, but those have notstarted yet.Their former transmitter had broken down about a year ago, but isrepairable. (Johnson Cumbre DX Nov 20)
Earlier post of November 18 as;
Scott R. Barbour and I heard 14 Nov ELWA, Monrovia, Liberia again on 4760 until sign-off 2301.

I checked various websites and found out that ELWA has a new 5 kW sw transmitter under installation, maybe even testing now. They will use old 4760 frequency and another channel in the 49 meterband. Some pages suggest 6070 will be used.
Not yet known which transmitter will be on which frequency. I e-mailed the station in Monrovia and hopefully we'll have the latest from them.
(Source: Jari Savolainen, Kusankoski, Finland via Cumbre DX)

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