Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blog Logs

Thanks to Arnaldo Slaen, Brian Alexander, Ron Howard and Peter Ng for the following logging contributions. Have you sent yours in yet?
Gayle VH

All times UTC // parallel frequencies *sign-on sing-off*

Ascencion Island
9525, Star Radio, via Ascension, *0700-0730, Nov 23, Sign on with ID & into English news concerning Liberia. Audio somewhat muffled but good signal strength. Radio Okapi programming heard on this frequency the previous morning but now back to the normal Star Radio programming this morning. English CTN news at 0730. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Australia, 4910, ABC- Tennant Creek, 1028-1040 With a fair signal, noted male and female in English language news and comments and ID as "ABC". At 1035 popular music presented. So this is suppose to secure at 0830 UTC and it's still up at 1035 on Sunday morning with a fair signal? (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4796.39, Radio Mallku, Uyuni, 0935-0945, Nov 24, Bolivian folk music. ID at 0940. Weak. Poor with CODAR QRM.(Brian Alexander, PA)

5996,35 Radio Loyola, Sucre, 0915-0925, November 17, Spanish, TC: “5 de la maƱana con 25 minutos en todo el pais...”, Programme conduced by male, SINPO 32422 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9514.98, Radio Novas de Paz, Curitiba, 0850-0905, Nov 24, local music. Portuguese talk. Religious talk & music at 0900. Fair. weaker on // 11725. Very poor on // 6080.14-with co-channel QRM. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9645.24, Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 0915-0930, Nov 24, Portuguese talk. // 11925.20 - both frequencies weak. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9664.97, Radio Marumby, Florianopolis, 0920-0930, Nov 24, Portuguese talk. Local folk music. Fair. Much weaker on // 11749.88-with co-channel QRM. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Burkina Faso
5030, Radio Burkina, *0525-0555, Nov 22, Sign on with test tone. National Anthem at 0528. Opening French announcements at 0530 followed by local African music. French & vernacular talk. Fair but some adjacent channel splatter from Cuba 5025. University Network 5030 not on the air. (Brian Alexander, PA)

China, 4919.92, People's Broadcasting Station, 1132-1145 At tune in, noted a female in Tibetian language comments. Sounded like news. At 1138 music heard briefly. Female back in comments at 1139. At 1140 a male joins the fun. This is parallel on 4905 KHz at this time. Both signals are equally poor, but readable. (Chuck Bolland, November 23, 2007)

[broadcasting to North Korea], 5985, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata, Japan, *1400-1430*, Nov 23 (Fri.), in English, open carrier on at 1359, starts with piano IS, YL with sign-on announcements, requests information about abductees, gives e-mail address, mailing address and three phone numbers (seemed to be 81356845058, etc.), OM with program "News on North Korea Issues", reading items from Japanese newspapers, IDs "This is Shiokaze Sea Breeze from Tokyo, Japan", YL with sign-off announcements, gives clear "JSR" callsign, so Yamata indeed does still use their callsign, but used only once. Some days have noted strong jamming here, but not today. Reception was fair. (Ron Howard, CA)

Ecuatorial Guinea
5005, Radio Nacional-Bata, *0459-0555, Nov 22, Sign on with National Anthem. Spanish announcements at 0502. Variety of Spanish pops/ballads, orchestral music & Afro-pops.
Spanish talk. Weak with low modulation. I have been checking for the 6250 transmitter but only heard one day, Nov 17. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4777, Radio Gabon, *0457-0505, Nov 24, Sign on with National Anthem. Opening French ID announcements at 0459. Local African music at 0500. French talk. Canned IDs. Good. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9680, RRI-Jakarta, 1007-1027, Nov 25 (Sun.)in English, KGRE program #5702 presented by Sue, Maggie and Kevin, talks about the KGRE anniversary BBQ, played pop Indonesian songs, fair, light QRM (WYFR in French). Propagation this year has indeed been different. In past years when WYFR switched to this frequency, it was usually goodbye to RRI & KGRE, but not this year. Some days now it is hard to tell if WYFR is even under RRI. (Ron Howard, CA)

Kang Guru Radio English: Recently received a friendly e-mail from Sue Rodger (ELT Materials and Training Coordinator at KGRE). They have been funded by AusAID (The Australian Government' Overseas Aid Program) for 18 years now and in late October they celebrated 10 years in Bali (before that they were located in Jakarta) with an Aussie BBQ for some listeners/users teachers, club members, students, etc. At her location in Bali they have just recentl completed work on a new small, but functional recording studio. IALF Indonesia Australia Language Foundation) and KGRE moved to their present campus two and a half years ago and had always wanted to build this recording studio. They presently broadcast on over 130 RRI and private radio stations across Indonesia. (Ron Howard, CA)

7325, 0003. V.O.I.R.I. Chinese newscast read by male/female duo amid fair reception quality. (Peter Ng, Malaysia)

9290 Radio SWH / Latvia Today program, 0845-0900, November 24, English, instrumental songs, long talk by male, identification and annmt by female, SINPO 24332 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9290 Radio City, 0900-0910, November 24, ¿language?, low signal, music, SINPO 14321. (Arnaldo Slean, Aergentina)

6130, 1128. Laos National Radio. Talk by female announcer, followed by Laotian music/song until station interval signal played on a mouth organ. Big Ben Ben signal and station identification at 1200 by male announcer. (Peter Ng, Malaysia)

599.29, Radio UNAM, Mexico City, 0755-0810, Nov 23, classical music. ID at 0803. Good signal & in the clear. Also heard at 1910. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15140, Radio Sultanate of Oman, 1400-1500, Nov 24, Pop music. English news at 1430-1438. Sports news at 1439. "November Achievements" program at 1445. Pop music at 1456Chimes/gongs at 1500. Very weak. Threshold signal at times, but in quiet conditions for a change. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5975, Sudan Radio Service, via Kigali, *0300-0330*, Nov 22, opening English ID to station announcements. News at 0302. Program at 0315 about government policies in Southern Sudan. Mon-Fri only. Poor to fair with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15390, Southern Sudan Interactive Radio Instruction, via Armavir, *1400-1428*, Nov 24, ID. English language lesson about the meaning of words. Doorbell sound between lessons. Local African music. Poor to fair. Tues, Thur, Sat only. NOT // 15675. Different English language lesson on 15675. (Brian Alexander, PA)

South Africa
15675, Southern Sudan Interactive Radio Instruction, via Meyerton, *1400-1429*, Nov 24, ID. English language lesson about how to ask about members of the family. Doorbell sound between lessons. Good signal. Tues, Thur, Sat only. NOT // 15390. Different English language lesson on 15390. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9930, KWHR, 1100-1105, Nov 25 (Sun.), in English, Norma Bonds religious program, fair. Checking to see if Open Radio North Korea (ORNK) ever added their weekend schedule, as was mentioned back in June. Website continues to shows ORNK still on from Monday to Friday, 8 PM - 9 PM [Pyongyang Standard Time] [11 UT - 12 UT] on 9930. Why the long delay in implementing a weekend schedule? (Ron Howard, CA)

7555 KJES, Vado, NM, 0205+, November 24, English, talk by male, SINPO 24432. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

7595 VOA-Radio Ashna via CLN, 0210+, November 24, ¿Urudu?, talk by male, SINPO 23121 // 9335 via KWY with 24222 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

9265.04, WMLK, Bethal, PA, 1929-1932*, Nov 23, Just caught the end of their transmission with IDs & their usual theme music to sign off. Fairly good audio. Sign off was a little earlier than usual. I believe sign off is usually around 2000-2100. (Brian Alexander, PA)

11735, Radio Tanzania-Zanzibar, 1759-1809, Nov 23, drums at 1759. Time pips, "Spice FM" ID and English news at 1800- 1808. Back to Swahili at 1808. Good. (Brian Alexander, PA)