Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

This round of pirate logs is a sampling of logs from this weeks edition of Free Radio Weekly.

6925U 1734-1748* 11/10/07 SIO=141+ Song about a pussy cat that was intentionally risque. A special message to all monkeys with radios saying that Commander Bunny is watching over you. Al Fansome and the Rodent Revolution mentioned. No addr ancd this xmsn. Weaker signal than usual from this one. (Zeller-OH)

6925a 11/11/7 22:15 sio131, just barely audible, electronic dance music, ID at 22:15 with male voice6925U 1749-1752 11/10/07 SIO=242. Instr dance mx as usual with a "WMPR dance party ID as usual. Faded out quickly here. No addr ancd and they don't have one. (Zeller-OH)

3276u 11/11/7 1:36 sio333 "Under My Thumb", good signal, but a bit of noise, "Fingerprint File", I was unable to hear this station earlier on 6925u (Al Fansome)

The Crystal Ship
3420 0303-0308*. 11/12/07. English. The Xtal Ship sailing the pirate seas on another odd frequency. Iheard the last few minutes of the bx. Music included a Sea Chantey and a punk rock sounding song, and audio clips including something by Jack Webb from Dragnet. I lost the signal at 0308 w/o sign off ancmts. Fair to Good. (Wood, TN).

Undercover Radio
6924.9 AM 1342-1539* 11/11/07 SIO=343+/444. One of the most lengthy marathon pirate bcsts that I ever heard, other than a couple exceptions such as KSMR. It ran well over an hour. Dr. Benway with some segments from his old shows, including the New Years show in 2004 and other prior prgms. Long story about a deranged OM who thought that he was God. Various rock and new age mx. Long poem by William S. Burroughs. Thanks listeners for repts to FRN, and also invited repts to both Merlin and e-mail. Offers QSL and a CD of the show for repts. (Zeller-OH)
(Source: FRW #614 via Edward Kusalik)