Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hello again, just a reminder for the first of two dates on this special QSL. The next reminder will be just prior to January 8th. Good luck to all.

CHWO-AM 740 Toronto, which has been family run since 1956, has been sold (pending CRTC approval) and no doubt some changes will be coming. We have heard that the general format will not change for now but that's about it. The new owner may not want to continue having someone issuing QSL cards on their behalf. I will certainly do my best to convince them in hopes this will continue.

Last year they celebrated their 50th birthday since the station first started up on November 17th, 1956 on 1250 kHz and the 6th anniversary since moving onto 740 kHz back on January 8th, 2001. It has been in the same family all this time and NEVER changed format.

So... I think its time to celebrate both achievements with a special QSL card AND certificate that is open to everyone. This card and certificate will capture both the old and new of CHWO in pictures and information.

But there is a catch. You have to send in two reports.

Here is the criteria:

1/ You must send in two separate, correct reports: November 17th, 2007 and January 8th, 2008

2/ You must hear the station between 0000 & 2359 (EST) on those dates. (+5 Hours UTC)

3/ The usually information will be required for the report:

(a)Program material (at least 10 minutes of specific program material heard: e.g., name of announcer, commercials heard, news items, song title and artist, etc. You can also make a short recording of the station and send it as an MP3 provided it contains some of the specific program material noted earlier);

(b)Signal/sound report (a general overview of how well you heard the signal at your location and the sound quality of the program.);

(c)Mention of the type of equipment and antenna you were using to hear the signal is helpful information as well.

4/ You can send the reports in after each date or together after January 8, but I must have both for the special QSL.

5/ If you plan to go after the special QSL, mark your reports as 'Special QSL.' A report for November 17th but not followed up by one on January 8th will receive a regular QSL only (unless you already have received one in the past.) I will post repeat announcements prior to each date.

Email your reports to or mail to:
155 Main St.N., Apt. 313,
Newmarket, Ontario,
L3Y 8C2 Canada

Thank you all for your support in this endeavour and the future of QSL from CHWO, AM 740, Toronto.

Feel free to pass this notice along and good luck to all.

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