Monday, November 26, 2007

Privatisation nears for Sierra Leone's SLBS

Sierra Leone’s Information Minister, IB Kargbo, gave an update at his weekly press conference on the privatisation of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS). The Minister reminded journalists that efforts to privatize SLBS started in 2003 when some of Sierra Leone’s development partners advised that SLBS should be privatized.

The Information Minister insisted, “but a lot of feet dragging stood in the way of progress in that direction and right now, I am piloting a bill through parliament which will finally ensure that SLBS becomes a corporation instead of a government entity.”

He further revealed that there are competent Sierra Leoneans to mann the activities of the national broadcaster to make it a viable institution capable of disseminating information countrywide.

In that light, I B Kargbo revealed that a company that was engaged in upgrading SLBS some years ago has returned to the country to revitalize the national broadcaster and also improve on the television station. The Minister promised to champion the privatization bill at all levels from Cabinet to Parliament and then back to the executive for approval to fast-track the process.

He appealed to workers, both in the radio and television stations, to prepare themselves, through discipline and hard work, to take over the challenging responsibilities of a corporate SLBS.
(Source: The New Citizen/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)