Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New episode of Global Crisis Watch available

November 12, 2007 Episode #55
Chaos in Pakistan and IRGC's nuclear program in Iran

Global Crisis Watch returns to discuss the game of chicken playing out in Pakistan between Musharraf and Bhutto and its CT and NatSec implications, and investigates the IRGC's role in Iran's "peaceful" nuclear research program. Guests: B. Raman, Director, Institute for Topical Studies in Chennai, India, Dr. Rohan Gunaratna, International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism in Singapore and author of "Inside al Qaeda," and Alireza Jafarzadeh, author of "The Iran Threat," in Switzerland.

40:00 minutes 13.5 Megs

Harry Gregson Williams - Number 23 #6
Kenji Kawai - Seven Swords #5
Seong Jun Kim - A Bloody Aria #9
Seong Jun Kim - A Bloody Aria #15

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with the non-profit Center for Threat Awareness (CTA) and its Web site CTA seeks to increase public awareness of national security threats and to assist in the delivery of professional and open source information vital to maintaining an informed public in a manner readily understandable by as broad an audience as possible. GCW shares the mission of CTA and will serve exclusively as the organization's official podcast.

Gobal Crisis Watch (GCW) is a groundbreaking and eclectic counterterrorism and national security podcast that takes listeners to the front lines of the long war and into the back rooms of the intelligence community. Hosted by Nick Grace and Sasha Eckstein in Washington, DC, GCW features discussions with newsmakers, analysts, journalists and activists across the world - from Aceh to Mogadishu
(Source: Nick Grace)