Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Australian DX Report #162 available for download

Episode No. 162 of the Australian DX Report audio news magazine includes a propagation research analysis of current spectrum occupancy of African transmitters in the 6 MHz bands, during the 2000-2200 time window, as monitored here in Melbourne during our sunrise period.

There's aso a summary of monitoring research in the 7 MHz band, between 2300 and 0030, corresponding to the Melbourne mid-morning window.

A special feature is a DX report from Rob Wagner, of Melbourne, who visited Central Victoria recently, at a field monitoring site deep in the rugged Cobaw Ranges.

There are also features, news and information about shortwave broadcasting, propagation, monitoring notes, new schedules, extracts from schedules, and schedule updates.

It's 15 mins duration, and may be accessed or downloaded from http://airm.edxp.org

Good listening to the Australian DX Report Episode No. 162 and enjoy the musical breaks!
(Bob Padula, Melbourne, Australia)