Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ecuador to nationalize radio and TV stations

On the heels of Chávez closing 34 stations, now the Ecuadorian President follows the route to socialism!! Whose next ? Do I dare speculate ?
Gayle Van Horn

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is seeking to take control of the country’s radio and television stations in a bid to stave off ‘irregularities.’ The president announced his decision on Monday due to the ‘corruption and mediocrity’ of ‘many’ Ecuadorian news outlets. However, the leftwing president has not indicated the nature of the ‘irregularities’ within Ecuador’s broadcasting community.
Correa’s decision comes two days after a similar measure was introduced in Venezuela, where the government ordered the closure of 34 radio stations, in the latest bid to rein in the country’s media. The Ecuadorian President has twice penalized opposition media since taking office in 2007.
(Source: Press TV/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)