Monday, August 31, 2009

QSL Blog Report

The following QSLs are a portion of those recently cut from my QSL Report column in Monitoring Times magazine for space constraints. Your QSL contributions are always welcome for the magazine or Shortwave Central blog at the above email address.
Good luck in your QSLing quest!
Gayle Van Horn

Amateur Radio
Spain-A05FL, 20 meters BPSK63. Full data color photo card of Palacio de Comunicaciones-Madrid. received in 30 days for a report to Jose Miguel Monco, Spain. (Van Horn).

Rádio Clube do Para, Belem, 4885 kHz. No data confirmation letter, station postcard, pennant and lapel pin for one of the dozen or so reports I have sent in over the years. Each report contained an English report, local postcard, an applause card and somw had IRCs or $1.00US currency enclosed. Station address: Rádio Clube do Para, Av. Almirante Barroso N° 2190-3° Andar, Belem, Para, Brasil, CEP 66095-000 (Joe Wood, TN)

Rádio Clube do Para broadcast on 4885 kHz, 24 hours in Portuguese. Station website with sreaming audio

Rádio Globo, 1220 AM kHz. Full data QSL card, signed by Ayrton Mandarino (General Manager-Rádio Globo. Received in eight days for an email to: Postal address: Sistema Global de Rádio, Rua do Russel, 426/434 - Glória, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Cep: 22210-010.
(Rubens Ferraz Pedroso, Bandeirantes, Paraná, Brasil/playdx)

Today I received QSLs from China National Radio for Septembr 2007 reports on 720 AM and 1377 AM kHz. Both cards were specific as to the frequency, date and time, and were sent in the same envelope. It was a pleasant surprise to finally hear from them after 21 months with no follow-ups. Station address: China National Radio, P.O. Box 4501, Beijing 100866 (Bruce Portzer/HCDX)

French Guiana
Voice of Russia via Montsinery, 9735 kHz. Full data VOR scenery card, signed by Elena Osipova. Reception report sent to: (Tom banks, TX)

NHK World/Radio Japan relay via Wertachtal, Germany, 15190 kHz. Full data QSL received as a PDF in email, via Michael Puetz. This frequency is brokered via Media Broadcast, reception report sent to (Tom Banks, TX)

Euro: Radio Devalon International, 6295 kHz. Full data verification letter, signed by Steve Young. Received in 72 days for $1.00 and an Mp3. QSL maildrop address: SRS Germany, Devalon, P.O. Box 10 11 45- D-99801 Eisenachk Germany. (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

Euro: Radio Galaxy Poland, 6553 kHz. Full data verification letter and electronic QSL signed by Nick. Received for report sent to: (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

Euro: Radio Joystick, 9510 kHz. Full data verification letter, signed by DJ Charlie Prince. Received in 33 days for $1.00 and report sent to: Postfach 23 31, D-55512 Bad Kreuznach, Germany. (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

Euro: Old Time Radio, 6305.8 kHz. Electronic QSL received in PDF format. Received for an email report and Mp3 to: (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

South America: Radio Cochiguaz, 6291 kHz. Full data QSL. Received in 76 days for an email report and Mp3 to: (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

São Tomé
Voice of America relay, 11975 khz. Full data VOA verification card, unsigned, plus schedule. Received in 120 days for an English report to: 330 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20237 USA. Reports may also be sent to: (Frank Hillton, SC)

Sri Lanka
Radio Free Asia via IBB-Iranawila, 9385 kHz. Full data QSL card without site notation. Received in 16 days. Website: (Edward Kusali, Canada)

WRNO New Orleans, LA 7505 kHz. Partial data You'll Rave About the Wave logo card. received in 20 days to Ft. Worth, Texas address. Website:
(Edward Kusalik, Canada)