Sunday, August 23, 2009

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// parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

All times UTC

(Presumed) 7216.75, Radio Nacional, Mulenvos. Looking for any signs of Angola, I found a very weak carrier on 7216.75 on 8/22 from 2320 tune-in until off at 0149. Weak carrier on same frequency back on at 0552 UT 8/23, although well after 0513 UT transmitter sunrise. No audio noted, but it appears Angola is not on 24h. (Brandon Jordan, TN)

15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 1820-1910. canciones argentinas, tangos, otras canciones latinoamericanas, comentario, locutora, identificación, locutor: "Desde Base Esperanza, transmite LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, en español, de lunes a viernes por la frecuencia de 15476 kHz. A las 1900 comentario por locutora sobre tratamiento de fertilidad en mujeres. SINPO 25322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

5990, Radio Senado, *0921-1000. Sign on with lite Brazilian instrumental music. Portuguese talk at 0925. Very good. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6160.88, CKZN, St. Johns. 0120 Signal poor to fair with CBC Radio One's Saturday Night Blues program. (Brandon Jordan, TN)

6160.881, CKZN, St. John's, 0440. Poor to fair signal with CBC program, talks by men and woman, brief music clips. Noisy crowd in this part of the band and the fun ended at 0559 when Radio Nederland appeared on 6165 kHz. Carrier-only 6160.021 kHz should be CKZU Vancouver? (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

5910.06, Marfil Estereo, 0723-0735. Local pop music. Spanish announcements. ID. Very good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5910, Marfil Estereo, Puerto Lleras, 0701-0720, 22-08, canciones latinoamericanas, identificación: "Marfil Estereo", "Ondas de Paz". 24322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

5910.05, Marfil Estereo, Lomalinda. 0130. Variety music program, romantica and US pop music. Time check to canned ID. Fair with occasional strong utility on upper side. (Brandon Jordan, TN)

Costa Rica
3350, Radio Exterior de España, Caiari, 0545-0600*. Programa "Paisajes y Sabores", locutor, comentarios,a las 0555 anuncio de programas "Hispanorama", canción, a las 0600 despedida y cierre: "Radio Exterior de España, nos despedimos de nuestros oyentes en Centro América y sur de Norte América hasta las 12 Tiempo Universal, 6 de la mañana en Centro América, que volveremos por las frecuencias de 5970 y 15170 kHz. Radio Exterior de España". 25322. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

4780, Radio Djibouti, *0300-0325. Sign on with national anthem. Qu’ran at 0301. Arabic talk at 0311. Horn of Africa music at 0322. Signal weak, poor with some utility interference. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6170, Voice of Tigray Revolution. *0257-0310. Sign on with interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0300. Horn of Africa music at 0303. Poor with strong adjacent channel splatter, // 5950 - weak under Okeechobee. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7165, Voice of Peace & Democracy, via Radio Ethiopia transmitters. *0356-0432.* Sign on with Horn of Africa music and several IDs. Opening announcements at 0400 and talk in listed Tigrinya. Some Horn of Africa music. Fair to good until 0403 when covered by noise jammer. Constantly drifting on // 9559.85-9560.30, but with a fair to good signal. Mon, Wed, Fri only. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6090, (tentative) Amhara Regional State Radio. 0315 - under Anguilla and rapidly improving with nice Horn of Africa vocals, talk by woman. Often heard under Anguilla during Ethiopian dawn. (Brandon Jordan, TN)

6110, Radio Fana, Addis Ababa. *0256 - Interval signalk heard well under Mighty KBC and then in the clear when KBC left the air at 0258. Interval signal continued to 0301, the usual Radio Fana ID and then into news. Various bird calls at 0304, Horn of Africa vocals into talk by man and woman. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

6170, Voice of Tigray Revolution. *0258. Signal rapidly drifted from initial 6169.69 up to 6170.0 by 0305 UT. Very weak with strong splatter, Interval signal, talk and stringed instruments. //5950 not heard under Okeechobee. (Brandon Jordon, TN/Cumbre DX)

7110, Radio Ethiopia. *0259, On without interval signal, noted male speaker and top of hour church bells, ID and talk by man. Horn of Africa vocals from 0306, then talk by man with brief musical bridges between topics. A few clear mentions of Selassie heard during one segment. Much weaker // 5989.5v also heard, with only heard during 0320-0340 peak. This transmitter was turned on much earlier at 0238 UT on 5989.39, and had drifted up to 5989.67 at 0500 when I lost the carrier in the WYFR 5985 sign-on splatter. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

7110, Radio Ethiopia (Gedja). 0349-0415. Amharic. Male announcer with what sounded like prayers. Commentary and news followed by jazz though0400 UTC. Station identification with frequency announcement and Horn of Africa music. Signal fair-good. (Jow Wood, TN)

Equatorial Guinea
6250, Radio Nacional, Malabo. No sign of Radio Nacional this morning. (Brandon Jordan, TN)

(Presumed) 7125v, Radio Conakry, Conakry. 0624-0725 - transmitter on at 0624, slowly drifting from 7124.99 to a few hertz above 7125 by 0725 off. Initially weak carrier but rising to good levels by 0645 transmitter sunrise, but the signal never produced any audio. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

3340.00, HRMI, Radio MI, 0820-0850. Contemporary Christian music. Several English ID announcements with mention of frequencies and California address. English IDs as
“Radio MI” and “Radio Missions International”. English religious sermon with Spanish translations at 0842. Poor in thunderstorm static.(Brian Alexander, PA)

3340, La Voz de Misiones Internacionales, Comayaguela, 0542-0556. Locutor, comentario religioso, canciones. Muy débil. SINPO 15321. (manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

15785.0, Galei Zahal, 2115-2155. Local pop music. Hebrew talk. Weak but readable. Better on // 6973.0. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6973, Galei Zahal, 0312-0340. 22 Aug 09. HB. First log of this station since March. Middle-of-the-road pop music with mostly female singers. Fair signal.(Joe Wood,TN)

6130 Lao National Radio 1140-1215. Lao vocals hosted by male announcer past 1200, then dead air, seemingly from 1203-1210. Tuned back in time to hear the usual 1200 UTC gongs at 1211, followed by possible ID and news. Fair signal in the band noise. (John Wilkins, CO)

(Presumed) 7105, Radio Madagasikara, Ambohhidrano. 0455, transmitter on at 0455, but only barely threshold audio only heard just after 0500 UT, woman talking, instrumental music bridge, fading. Very presumed. Although this is almost two hours after transmitter sunrise, no idea who else this could be. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

6049.64 Asyik FM(presumed) 1236-1300+. Vocal music to lady announcer past 1300. Signal fair at best on lower side band. (John Wilkins, CO)

7295 Traxx FM 1245-1312 Aug 17. Pop mx, YL ancr between selections; "Traxx FM" jingle at ToH, followed by 1+1 pips and presumed news, back to music at 1311. All in English. Fair signal but rough copy due to 7300 splatter. (John Wilkins, CO)

9635, RTVM, *0801-0835. Sign on with about 30 seconds of flute interval signal and into vernacular talk. Rustic tribal music at 0826. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5995, Radio Mali, Bamako. 0556-0800.* Noted transmitter on but couldn't make out much audio until signal peaked from 0620 UT, woman monologue in French until the bottom of the hour. Male talking in lang, then a capella vocals. Clear and slowly fading, still hearing weak audio when RA's Waltzing Matilda started up at 0758. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

(tentative) 7285.75, Radio Mali, Bamako, Aug 23, *0658 - just threshold audio amidst DRM noise at 0700, talk by man in possible French. Moderate QRM from New Zealand DRM on 7285, approximately 40 minutes after Bamako sunrise. (Jordan-TN)

6010.00, Radio Mil, Mexico City, 0740-0800. Spanish pop music. Some Spanish versions of US pop music. “Radio Mil” IDs at 0745, 0751, 0759. Poor to fair. Very weak co-channel QRM.(Brian Alexander, PA)

New Zealand
11725, Radio New Zealand International (Rangitaki). 0511-0520. Talk of US involvement in Afghanistan. Pre-recordings of New Zealand parliamentarians and their support or opposition of NZ troops being sent in harm’s way. Fair. (Joe Wood, TN).

6019.30, Radio Victoria, 0910-0920. Noted the Crying Preacher style with religious comments during the period. Plenty of splatter from 6020 stations. Victoria was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4790.1, Radio Visión, Chiclayo, 0540-0620. Locutor, comentario religioso, canciones, programa "La Voz de la Salvación". SINPO 5321. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

6019.6, Radio Victoria Lima, 0654-0708. Locutor, religioso, español-portugués, "La Voz de la Liberación". SINPO 24222. (Manuel Méndez/Cumbre DX)

4735.42, Radio Maranon, 1103-1115. Noted music until 1107, then a male and female comment in Spanish language live. Signal was fair at this time. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

Pirate (Euro)
7550.03, Radio Amica, 0445-0515. Lite pop music. A few Italian announcements. Presumed. Heard by European listeners. Weak. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6870, Radio Playback International, 2350-0015. Presumed. Pop/rock music. Announcements. Poor in thunderstorm static.(Brian Alexander, PA)

7320, Radio Rossii, 0955-1005, Noted a male in Russian language comments. At 0958 and until 1000, heard a number of ID's as "Radio Rossii", by both a male and female. On the hour CNR in Japanese comes on the air using the frequency of 7325 KHz, blocking Rossii about 50 percent with splatter, which also reduces the strength of Rossii from a fair to poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5920, Radio Rossii, 0923-0935. Noted Russian language comments, followed immediately with Russian choir type singing. No sign of WBOH yet. Maybe they are skipping over me? Rossii is armchair at this time however. At 0928 the announcer returns with more comments. On second thought, when the male is in Russian comments, I can hear a slight signal from WBOH under Rossii. At 0929, more music which is possibly from the earlier years before the 1917 revolution or maybe after? What was their recording technology like in those years, don't know? Checked 5940 for parallel and heard a weak signal there with same program. Rossii was good on 5920 KHz when I dropped it at 0935.(Chuck Bolland,FL)

South Korea
6155, KBS, 0947-1000.* Noted two females in Japanese language conversation at tune in. Something like music is heard at 0953. This is followed with more Japanese comments from a female. At 0957 more music presented. At 0959 closing comments from two females in Japanese who say goodbye. This is followed by an ID in English from a male. Signal off at that time. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

7200, SRTC, Omdurman. *0236. On with Qu'ran recitations and initially very strong amateur radio interference from AD8P on 7202.2 LSB. Later in the clear with Sudanese vocals, Arabic talks. Very strong peak noted at 0338 UT. 5+1 time pips with echo efx at 0500, ID mentioning as-Sudan into news bulletin. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)

7275, RTV Tunisienne (Sfax). 0429-0500. Very faint signal, but clear with Middle Eastern music and commentary by lady announcer. Fair. (Joe Wood, TN).

(Presumed) 7194.98, Radio Uganda, Kampala. *0601. Novelty log. Noted weak carrier at 0601 UT on, only 15 dB above noise floor. Surely Uganda, a little over two hours after Kampala sunrise. (Brandon Jordan, TN/Cumbre DX)