Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog Logs - pirate radio

This edition of Blog Logs, shifts gears a bit to follow what pirate radio fans are following from the weird and bizarre world of pirate radio broadcasting.

Logs are a sample selection from the Free Radio Weekly newsletter. Thanks to the gang from FRW!
Gayle Van Horn

All times UTC *sign-on sign-off*

Barnyard Radio
6930USB, 0153-0240. SIO 444/SINPO 45444. Wishbone Ash's Queen of Torture, Rainbow-Kill the King, Motorhead-City Kids, version of Gigantor, Steve Miller Band. Station ID at 02:07 UTC by 0240 changing conditions reduced the signal to almost nothing (Balint, OH) (FRW 702)

Brando Radio
6925USB, 0107-0131, SIO 333. Song, Let the Good Times Roll to station ID as, "this
is Brando Radio the wild one" (Smith, Ohio) (FRW 702)

Dead Cat Radio
6925USB, 0120-0141, SINPO 45343. Memphis TN, I've Got Balls of Steel, Lady Godiva and I Go to Pieces. "Dead Cat Radio" at sign off. (Ragnar) (FRW 702)

KUSA Radio
6924.9USB, 2322, SIO 434/SINPO 45434. Song parodies; Got Road Range Again, something to the tune of Little Deuce Coup, Man With a Gun(?), I'm Prone to Sin Drunkenly, Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. Station IDs at 2324 and 2334. Station sign-off at 2336. Email: (Balint, OH) (FRW 702)

North Sea Radio
6925USB, 0150-0231, SIO 433. Lots of pirate music. Loon bird call and ID as "North Sea Radio" (Smith ) (FRW 704)

Northwoods Radio
6925USB, 0030-0050. Fair signal. Show of music unknown to me, did catch the Northwoods ID in CW SSTV at the end (Majewski CT) 6925USB, 0133-0148* Fair signal. Song, Take Me As I Am. Northwoods identification by female. Announced station was moving to 6935USB at sign off. (Majewski CT) (FRW 703)

Outhouse Radio
6925USB, 2230-2315. SINPO 25433. Started with an old radio play about space, then into hard driving rock. Outhouse shout outs to me and Old DXer, says the movie clip was from Heavy Metal too. QSL received. (Ragnar) (FRW 703)

6925.6USB, 0230-0305.+. Old radio sci-fi progam, The Last Man on Earth. Station ID and 0256 into The Laurel & Hardy Show but lost feed,so went into hard rock tune. Back to L&H Show at 0301-the boys deliver a chicken. SIO2+33 with woodpecker blasts and audio interference at 0244. (Frodge-MI) (MARE 541)

Pirates Week Relay
6925USB, 2335-0001* SIO242. Relay of a Pirates Week program produced by Ragnar Daneskjold. Breaking the Law rock riff at open and close. DX program content difficult to copy well,given the weak level. At sign-off, announcer mentioned Outhouse Radio, so that might have have been the source of the relay. (Zeller-OH)

Pirates Week (relay) 6925USB, 2345-2359, SINPO 45344. Relay of my podcast on 6925 (not me.. really) thanks to whoever relays the show. Outhouse Radio ID after the show (Ragnar) (FRW 704)

Radio Free Euphoria
6925AM, 0140-0153.+ Fair signal, Captain Ganja with many orginal songs like, What Are You Going to Do When the Rent Comes Due. Funny show.(Majewski CT) (FRW 702)

Radio Gong
6925USB, 0044-0100, SIO 433. Station ID "This is Radio Gong calling." (Please QSL, Smith, Ohio) ( FRW 702)

Radio Mushroom
6925UBS, 0125-0138, SINPO 35433. Music from Boston, Grand Funk "nuclear powered short wave radio". signing off saying he is over heating the reactor and fears a mushroom cloud (Ragnar) (FRW 702)

Radio Spaceman
6310AM, 2353, SINPO 15321. Picking out music in the static, ID from FRN. (Ragnar) (FRW 704)

Radio XXP
6925USB, 0222-0248.* Good signal with the Ship Wreck in Paradise Show. Gave the electronic mail address of . Music heard was Led Zeppellin, Jim Hendrix and others. (Majewski CT)(FRW 704)

Voice of Kaos
6925USB, 016-0157.* Good to Excellent signal with a nice show of music. The songs were a cover of the Rolling Stones Wild Horses, Led Zeppelin, Dirty Laundry and others. Signed off with the Maxwell Smart theme. (Majewski CT) (FRW 704)

Spoofs Number Station
6925USB, 0343-0345*. Lady announcer with continuous string of numbers. Male announcer at 0344 with bleating goat and “I guess I should be going.” Good. (Wood, TN). (FRW 703)

Voice of the Robots
6925USB, *0113-0143, SIO 242/242. Mix of rock music and instrumental music from the Robots who have taken over our planet. Some discussion of Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. Gave for repts. Well copied until 0119, but weaker thereafter. (Zeller-OH)(FRW 705)

Wolverine Radio
6930USB, 0305, SIO 333. Station ID at 0305, sounds like some jazzy/big band tunes, either gone or faded away at 03:09. (Fansome, PA) (FRW 703)