Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Radio Taiwan International hit by Typhoon Morakot

Radio Taiwan International was also hit by the effects of Typhoon Morakot – but has also had an opportunity to play a part in relief efforts as well. Several of RTI’s branch stations [sic] in the south of Taiwan suffered damage in the storm, in particular transmitters in Tainan and Fangliao.
RTI President Wang Tan-ping paid tribute to the station’s engineers who were able to ensure that RTI broadcasts carried on as usual while repairs were underway, especially as RTI was reporting the unfolding news of the typhoon around the world.
A collection taken up from among RTI staff members has been donated to victims of the typhoon to help rebuild their homes. In addition, RTI’s branch station in Changchi in the southernmost Pingtung county was used to temporarily house some 300 people left homeless by the storm, as well as soldiers helping with rescue and relief efforts.
(Source: Radio Taiwan International, 21 August 2009/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)