Thursday, August 06, 2009

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// frequency *sign-on sign-off*

15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza, 1820-1904, canciones latinoamericanas, identificación:"Desde Base Esperanza, transmite LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, por la frecuencia de 15476 kHz", "De Esperanza al mundo",locutora, comentario sobre los infartos en Argentina, menciona: "El
presidente de la Asociación Argentina de Cardiología".(Manuel Méndez, Lugo, España/Cumbre DX)

Radio Symban, 2368.50. Not heard at all on August 5. Suspect off-the-air making adjustments (Ron Howard, CA)

2368.50, Radio Symban (presumed), 1253-1337, July 30. Best reception after my local sunrise, which was about 1311. Heard their Greek style music and singing. When I got home from the beach I immediately checked their website for audio, to see if it was the same type of music and singing I had just heard and it was, but I cannot confirm that it was parallel. Was unable to hear any announcements (maybe they didn’t have any?), only heard music and songs. Had tuned in earlier at 1204, to find the signal mostly below threshold level, but even then I could briefly make out some singing. David Sharp today measured this at 2368.486 (Ron Howard, CA)

Radio Symban Streaming Audio at:

4865.04 Radio Missoes da Amazonia? 1047-1105+. Poor with what seemed to be Portuguese talk. Missoes has been reported on this frequency but weak here and couldn't pull much out. Slowly deteriorated after 1100, with no discernible 1100 UTC break. (Wilkins-CO)

11814.98 Radio Brasil Central 0005-0020. Live futebol with occasional brief ads inserted; 1 or 2 mentions of Rádio Brasil Central. Tuned out at 0020 with the score knotted at 2-2. Good signal. (John Wilkins, CO)

11915 Radio Gaucha(presumed) 0025-0030. Futebol game in progress with Portuguese play-by-play. Signal fair at best. (John Wilkins, CO)

Was actually able to hear CNR-1 on 9830 on August 5.Very weak, but clearly // 6030 at 1228. CNR-1 not heard on 4460, 5030 and 6175 (Ron Howard, CA)

10000 BPM Lintong 1329 Aug 3. "BPM" Morse Code ID's (10 of them), then lady with voice ID at 1329:40. The CW punched thru nicely but could not make out much of the voice. Fair under WWVH/WWV. (John Wilkins, CO)

Voice of Indonesia, 9524.89, 1049-1100. Noted music at tune in which sound like a local melody. After the tune a female comments in what sounds like English briefly, then more music. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

RRI Jakarta 9680, 1052-1100. Canned announcements and promos noted here in Indonesian language which are followed with live comment from a male. Overall, the signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6175, Suara Malaysia. Thanks to Sei-ichi Hasegawa of Japan for the timely tip that CNR-1 was also off-the-air on this additional frequency and that he was hearing Suara Malaysia in the clear. 1200, August 5, DJ in Bahasa Indonesia playing pop songs. Poor audio, 1300 two time pips and news. // 11884.48v till this frequency suddenly went off-the-air at 1220; also with poor audio.The Chinese Service on 6175 and 11884.48v ends right at 1200 and changes over to Bahasa Indonesia programming, but on 11884.48v it is just a filler audio feed till the transmitter is turned off, which varies from a few minutes to almost half an hour. Dan Sheedy first pointed out this change over in language at 1200. So many thanks to both Sei-ichi and Dan (Ron Howard, CA)

Malaysia/SarawakSarawak FM, 7130.50,August 5 clearly off-the-air. Was my reception yesterday their last on this frequency? Nothing heard on 7235 (future frequency?).

5030, Sarawak FM had poor reception August 5, but was again in the clear with the continued absence of CNR-1 (Ron Howard, CA)

XERTA, 4800, 0940-1050. Noted a very weak signal at tune in. Just ordinary music with Spanish comments heard. After 1030 however, noted a religious program of comments and religious music. Many mentions of "Dios" during comments.Finally
heard an ID at 1052 as XERTA, Mexico. Signal was good by then, eventhough it started out as threshold. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

La Voz de la Selva 4824.47, 0948, Nice lively Peruvian and Latin American pops, 0957
short canned ID by announcer dup, and immediately back to music.Beginning to fade
after 1005. Very short jingle by announcer at 1012. One ad and jingle at 1017, then back to more mx at 1018. Canned announcement at 1027 by lady annnouncer with mention of "la mejor musica ?? ". More announcemnts at 1047 but almost gone. Finally disappeared with last bits of mx hrd at 1051. All Tropical Bands signals seemed weak this morning. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

AFRTS via Pearl Harbor, HI, 10320USB, NPR programming with feature on the situation in Nigeria. News headlines at 1319. Good signal // 5765U, 12133.5USB and 7811USB, all good reception. (John Wilkins, CO)

KJES-The Lord's Ranch, 11714.95, 1428-1444+. Song "Ave Maria" to kid with ID at 1429:45,followed by the usual robokids in fine fette. Noted again after 1500 in Spanish. (John Wilkins, CO)