Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Islands, Castles and Portable Operations newsletter

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (August 06 - 14, 2009)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
06/08/2009: Boris, N3SY will be active as KL7/N3SY from the Denali National Park, Alaska, from August 6-15th. QRV 40-10 meters, Yaesu FT-100D, dipoles and MFJ-1622-Vertical 1.5m long. QSL via his home call ( [NG3K]

06/08/2009: Bronius/LY1CM, Gintautas/LY2GV and Tomas/LY3X plan to be active August 6-19th from several Lithuanian lighthouses as homecall/p. Information on the Lithuanian Lighthouses Award can be found at: [425 DX News]

07/08/2009: Al, CT1GPQ will active as 4W6AL from Dili, Timor Lorosae (OC-148, WLOTA 0019), between August 7th and October 3rd. QRV on 40, 30, 20 and 17 meter SSB, RTTY and preferably CW. Station setup: ICOM IC-706 MK2g, dipole for 40 and 30 meters and square loops for 20 and 17 meters. Pilot station and QSL Manager will be Toze, CT1GFK. NOTE: This is NOT DX'pedition! CT1GPQ will be in Timor Lorosae with a Medical Team and radio operation will take place only during his spare time. Activity logs will be online (they will try daily) at [Algarve STAR DX Team]

07/08/2009: A special event activation of Centenarian Kadalur Point lighthouse (ILLW IN0002, ARLHS IND-013), located on the West coast of India, will take place from August 7-16th, using the callsign AT8LHC. Look for activity on all bands and modes, propagation permitting. QSL via VU2JHM, direct or by the bureau. [VU2UR]

08/08/2009: Operators Guang/BA8AG, Paul/BD7JSQ, Tang/BG4ENK, Pan/BD4QH,Jack/BA4ALC and Zheng/BA4EG will be active as BA7IO/4 from the island of Heng Sha (AS-136, WW Loc. PM01WI), Shanghai province, China, from August 8-17th. QSL via BA7IO, direct only. [ ]

08/08/2009: Michel/HB9DLO, Pierre-Yves/HB9OMI, and Pierre/HB9SMU will be active August 8-16th as DL/HB9LH from Lotseninsel Island [pilot Island, in English] (German Island Award: O-020, Not IOTA, WW Loc. JO54AQ), at the entrance to the Schlei Fjord. They will also activate the Schleimünde Mole Head lighthouse (DLTD #45, ILLW DE0073, ARLHS FED-217). QRV 80-6 meters, using CW and SSB. QSL via HB9DLO, direct or bureau. [HB9DLO]

08/08/2009: Steve, W7VOA will be active as T6AD from Kabul, Afghanistan, between August 8-22nd for the national election news reporting and QRV, when time permits, on 15, 20 and 40m CW (and maybe PSK) using 100w and a G5RV antenna. QSL via K2AU. Log will be uploaded to LOTW. [NG3K]

09/08/2009: Operators Makoto/JI5RPT (JD1BLY) and Yoshihi/JO1LVZ (JD1BNF) will be active from Chichijima Island (IOTA AS-031, JIIA AS-031-003) between August 9-14th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using the satellites, CW, SSB, Digi modes and 2m WSJT EME. QSL via their home callsigns. Log searches will be available on the following Web sites: JD1BLY: and JD1BNF: [OPDX

10/08/2009: Rachid, 3B8FQ will activate St. Brandon island (AF-015) as 3B7FQ again from Ausust 12th through the end of the month and possibly a few extra days in early September. Look for him on all bands, 30 through 10 meters, although Rachid expects 40 and 20 meters to be most productive. He will use both CW and SSB, as conditions allow. Operating time will be shared with his primary mission of performing maintenance on the island's meteorological equipment. He expects to use the island's G5RV and a vertical with a 100 watt transceiver powered by a 12 volt battery that will be charged daily. Rachid likes to use "the 8s" whenever possible on CW. Here are his anticipated frequencies: CW - 7.008, 10.108, 14.008, 18.078, 21.008, 24.898 and 28.008 MHz; SSB - 7.050, 14.191, 18.141, 21.241, 24.941, 28.491 MHz. If future plans come together, Rachid may operate from 3B9 sometime after his return, and
hopes to operate from 3B6 again in November. QSL via K5XK, direct preferred. [K1XN]

10/08/2009: Henk/PA3FMC and Ruud/PE1BTV and Hans/PH0V will be active August 10-18th as LA/homecall from Utvaer island (EU-055, WLOTA L-2373, WW Loc. JP21GA). LA/PE1BTV and LA/PH0V QRV on VHF-MS from JP21GA and LA/PA3FMC on HF. RIG: 500W, 9el. 144.380 MHz - same location as 2 years ago. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [DL8EBW]

10/08/2009: Plamen, LZ3FM plans to activate the Biosphere Reserve Kamchia (LZFF-011) during his holiday between August 10-20th. Callsign to be used will be either LZ01WFF/2 or LZ3FM/2. Equipment will be IC-746 plus a 4-band GP and dipole antennas. Activity will be on HF + 6m, mainly CW with some SSB. QSL via LZ1PJ, direct or by the Bureau. E-mail requests for Bureau cards are accepted (via ). Write QSO details and callsign worked, since Ivan, LZ1PJ, manages other callsigns too. PLEASE NOTE: LZ01WFF is used for activation for other WFF references by other operators. Ivan, LZ1PJ, will manage this activation only. For other activations listen to operator's instructions. [LZ1PJ]

10/08/2009: Peter, ON3WAB will be active as M6ONL/p August 10-15th from the Lake District in northern England. He will activate different SOTA ( summits and WAB ( squares. Frequencies will be 7032, 10118 kHz CW and 3666, 7118, 14265 kHz SSB (+/- QRM) and band conditions. If weather allows he will try PSK31 as well. Equipment: Icom 703 and Rybackov Vertical 10m long. QSL is ok via bureau or direct to ON3WAB. [UBA HF News]

10/08/2009: Janusz OY/SP6IXF and Mek OY/SP7VC will be operating from the Faroe Islands (EU-018) from August 10-16th. They will be located in IP61 grid square. They plan to operate on 160-2 meters. The 2 meter operation includes meteor scatter (random) FSK441 in Preseides. The HF antenna system will be Spiderbeam, R7 vertical, Inverted L (160 and 80m) and RX beverages. The 6m antenna will be 6 el Yagi and finally 2M5WL Yagi on 2 meters. Power amplifiers will be used on all bands. Mek SP7VC is also going to operate as SP7VC/MM durign their way on a ferry from Denmark via Shetlands to Faroe Islands. Mek will be using IC-706, 4 el. Yagi 2m and vertical on 6m and is going to activate marine squares JO 37,27,17,18,19,09 and IP 80,81,71. QSL cards via their home calls, direct or by the Bureau. [SP5UAF]

11/08/2009: Gerard/F2VX and Yanick/F6FYD, will sign 4J/HC from Azerbaijan, August 11-29th. QRV mainly HF SSB. QSL via HC, direct (sae + postage) or via the French Ref-Bureau. [F5NQL]

11/08/2009: Andre, F5TBL will be active on August 11th (1200-1600 UTC), as F8KFE/P, from the Cap Levi lighthouse (ARLHS FRA-080, DPLF PB-085 for the Franch Onshore Lighthouses award), located in the city of Fermanville (CP 50840), Department Manche/50 and Provinc Basse-Normandie (DPF 04). QSL via operator information. [F5NQL]

12/08/2009: Dana/VE1VOX and Don/VE1AOE will be active from Welsh Island (NA-154, new CIsA) August 12-16th with the call VC1W. Operation will be from two stations and more ops may be joining the expedition as the date approaches. This is a remote island and weather may affect the actua dates. QSL manager is VE3EXY, direct or bureau. [VE1VOX]

14/08/2009: Terry, G4MKP will be active from Tsada village (near Pafos) on the island of Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA L-0051) from August 14-25th using the callsign 5B/G4MKP. QRV 80-10 meters, mainly CW. QSL via M0URX, direct or bureau.[NG3K]

14/08/2009: Members of the 'Sodertorns Radioamatorer' (SK0QO) will once again be active as 7S0SFJ from the Museum Lightship No. 25 Finngrundet (ILLW SE-0013, ARLHS SWE-043), in Stockholm, Sweden, during the ILLW activity August 15-16th. The club will put their double dipoles up for 80/40m and 30/17m as well as their dipole for 20m up Friday evening, August 14th, and will be active until Sunday, early afternoon. Rigs: FT-2000, TS-680, IC-706. Activity will be on 80-17m SSB and CW (Hans, SM0BYD, mainly on 30/17m). QSL via SM0BYD or SK0QO, bureau preferred. [OPDX Bulletin]

14/08/2009: Members of the Radio Club Uruguayo will be using the special callsign CW1R from the Punta del Este Lighthouse (ILLW UY0005, ARLHS URU-008, WW Loc. GF25MA) during the upcoming International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend between August 14-16th. Activity will be on 80-15 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. They will have at least two stations on the air. This will be the first activation of Punta del Este Lighthouse. QSLs for this activity are only DIRECT to: Radio Club Uruguayo, P.O.Box 37, 11000, Montevideo, URUGUAY, SOUTH AMERICA (w/SAE and 1 new IRC or 2 green stamps). [OPDX Bulletin]

14/08/2009: Steve, G0UIH will be active from Piel Island (EU-005, CU-005 for English Islands) as homecall/p from August 14-16th. This Island is the "Jewel in the Crown" of the Islands of Furness. The Island has a history going back to the 11th Century. Expect activity on all HF bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. []

14/08/2009: The Caribbean Amateur Radio Group (WP4CRG) will be active as W4L from the Arecibo Lighthouse (ARLHS PUR-001, TWLHD WLH KP4-001), Puerto Rico (NA-099, USi PR-006S, WLOTA L-2802) from 1200z August 14th to 2359z August 23rd, including the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (August 15-16th). They will operate voice and a station using SSTV on 20 meters. Frequencies: 7.150, 14.225, 18.122 and 28.350 MHz. QSL direct to: CARG, PO Box 140031, Arecibo, PR 00614-0031. [N8OFS]

14/08/2009: Jose/PY6HD, Beto/PY6RT and Nilzo/PY6AWU will be active August 14-16th as ZZ6Z from Itaparica Island (SA-023, DIB BA-02). QRV 80, 40, 20, 17, 15 and 10 meter, SSB only. QSL via PY6HD, direct, LoTW or bureau. [PY6HD]
(ICPO Bulletin/Dave raycroft/ODXA)