Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Logs - Asia

A sample of loggings from the latest DX Window

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

4820, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, 1720. Chinese talks and music, SINPO 44444, much stronger than India's AIR Kolkata (presumed) which only showed traces of its presence. (Mezin)

4920, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, 1711. Traditional song, SINPO 43433, with India's AIR Chennai underneath. //4905 where no significant interference noted, SINPO 44433. By the way, 4905 remained still on later at 1805, while 4920 was already silent. (Mezin)

5030.00, CNR-1/Voice of China, Beijing, 1030-1045. Chinese comments. Signal was threshold during the period, but checked 6175 and noted parallel program, so this helped pull out the signal on 5030. China was fair by 1045. (Bolland)

6150, CNR-1/Voice of China, 1047-1055. CNR-1 was the dominate station on this frequency // 6175, but a second station underneath is heard, which probably is Taiwan? CNR1 is definitely doing its' job. if they are here to block Taiwan. (Bolland)

6175, CNR-1/Voice of China, Beijing, 1040-1050. Chinese comments sounds like news with break aways to other individuals who comment. Signal here was fair and mixing with a Portuguese language station which turned out to be WYFR which went off the air at 1045. Much better, since China is in the clear now with a good signal. (Bolland)

7245, CNR-2/China Business Radio, Beijing, 1430-1500. “This is a new Saturday edition of ‘English Evening’. From this Saturday on, each week we will introduce you to a new movie.” New format and time (ex: Sa 1300-1400),sound bites from the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, along with plot summary, followed by “Studio Classroom Worldwide.” Signal fair-good. (Howard)

7350, CNR-11 (Tibetan Service), 1430-1500. Holy Tibet program to distinctive canned commerciaals, that I have not heard for many months, for the medical massage clinics in Lhasa, gives phone numbers, says Lhasa clinic located in white building, door number 33, licensed students trained by doctors from Beijing medical massage clinic, foreign experts visit Lhasa to also train the students, giving cost for one massage for foreigners “and for local people about 55 Renminbi and it takes one hour." They speak English, Tibetan and Chinese at the clinics. Tourism of Tibet (American tourist talking about the “great weather in Lhasa." Program
segment Eyes on Tibet to Tibetan music. Parallel on 6010. Enjoyable program! (Howard)

4810, All India Radio-Bhopal, 1724.Traditional Indian music. SINPO 33433. (Mezin)

4880, All India Radio-Lucknow, 1716. Talks and music, moderate strength, but badly interfered by clandestine SW Radio Africa (via Meyerton relay) that had nearly the same signal level. (Mezin)

4920, All India Radio-Chennai, 0035-0050, Jul 22. nglish news from Delhi, fascinating live report from current Total Solar Eclipse // 4800 and 5010, 0040 Indian songs, same SINPO noted at 0056, 45344.(Petersen)

9524.89, Voice of Indonesia, Cimanggis, Jakarta, 1010-1100. Local melody and comments in what sounds like English briefly, poor. (Bolland). Also at 1645, Jul 25,talks in Bahasa Indonesia, 33433. (Liangas).

*1800-1815, Spanish, ID: "La Voz de Indonesia, el programa internacional de la Radio República Indonesia", "La Voz de Indonesia, desde Yakarta", talks, 32322. (Méndez)

7130.52, Sarawak FM, Kuching (presumed), 1144-1230. Pop music program, continuing to 1205, then Qur'an recitations.Program back to music at 1215 with pop/rap, ect. Check after 1230; no break at 1300, ID not heard. (Wilkins in Dxplorer)

3915, BBC World Service relay, Kranji, 2102-2105. Talk in English, SINPOn 24332. (Mille)
(DSWCI/DX Window # 382 via Anker Petersen)