Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Central African Republic begins website

Dave Kernick writes: The Central African Republic’s government-run broadcaster Radio Centrafrique now has an online presence at http://www.radiocentrafrique.org/. The website is in French, the country’s official language.

Although the site does not have a live audio stream it does offer an extensive audio archive, including news bulletins in French and the national language, Sango. The complete news archive, extending back to January 2008, can be accessed by clicking the appropriate language section of the laterally scrolling link near the top of the homepage. Other audio material can be accessed via the “Programmes” text box on the left-hand side.

Initially broadcasting from a converted truck in the then French territory of Oubangi-Chari (or Ubangi-Shari, part of French Equatorial Africa), the station has been on the air since December 1958. No information on Radio Centrafrique’s current broadcasting frequencies was found on the website, however according to the current edition of the World Radio TV Handbook the station broadcasts on 1440 kHz mediumwave and 106.9 MHz FM, and irregularly on 7220 kHz shortwave.
(Source: Dave Kernick/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Central African Rep, RDTV Centrafricaine
All times UTC
0600-0700 French/Sango 7220
0700-0800 French/Sango 7220
0800-0900 French/Sango 7220
0900-1000 French/Sango 7220
1000-1100 French/Sango 7220
1100-1200 French/Sango 7220
1200-1300 French/Sango 7220
1300-1400 French/Sango 7220
1400-1500 French/Sango 7220
1500-1600 French/Sango 7220
1600-1630 French/Sango 7220
(Gayle Van Horn, Monitoring Times Frequency Manager)