Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Special shortwave transmission planned for conference

Jeff White of WRMI/NASB writes: In conjunction with the HFCC/ASBU B09 Coordination Conference in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, several special shortwave transmissions are planned.
Radio Netherlands’ relay station in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles will carry out special DRM transmissions on 9710 kHz on Thursday and Friday, August 20 and 21, between 1700-2100 UTC. This transmission will use 120 kW DRM at 350 degrees on a HR 1/1/0.5 antenna.
From Santiago, Chile, CVC La Voz will carry out a special DRM transmission on Friday, August 21 from 1700-2200 UTC on 17640 kHz. The antenna will be directed to Mexico, but should provide good coverage of the Dominican Republic as well.
We are waiting on details of special DRM transmissions from TDF in Montsinery, French Guiana; CBC in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada; and one other possible location.
We are also planning to conduct special tropical band transmissions from the conference in conjunction with the inauguration of a new radio station in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Telecommunications Institute, INDOTEL, has authorized provisional transmissions by Radio Discovery (Radio Descubrimiento in Spanish) from the Dreams Punta Cana Resort on the east coast of the Dominican Republic with low power (100 watts) on the frequency of 4730 kHz in a combination of three different modes: standard AM amplitude modulated, single sideband (SSB), and WinDRM, which is a form of DRM transmission used by amateur radio operators.
In order to decode the WinDRM transmissions, a listener must connect his receiver audio output to a computer with the WinDRM software installed. WinDRM can be downloaded free of charge at http://n1su.com/wind rm/download.html.
The broadcasts on 4730 kHz will take place throughout the week of the HFCC/ASBU B09 Conference from August 17-21 during various daytime and nighttime hours. The antenna used will be a half-wave dipole. Special QSL cards will be available for reports on the 4730 kHz transmission. Details will be announced on the air. After the HFCC/ASBU Conference, Radio Discovery will move to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, and will resume transmissions from there in the near future.
(R Network Media Network Weblog)