Sunday, August 09, 2009

Uruguay's Radio Sport hit with broadcast delays on shortwave

The inauguration of the shortwave operation by 6045U, CXA61 Radio Sport 890, Montevideo, reported some time ago is delayed since there is current work with the MW transmitters at the site and they want to avoid RFI problems among the equipments, as said by Gustavo Cirino, Techn. Manager. In fact the transmitter is ready to go to air and its operation has already been authorized.

Power will be 2.5 KW USB. His E-mail is cx7at(at) or

So, we can expect two more weeks for resuming broadcast on a 24 hour schedule.
(Gustavo Cirino, R Sport 890, Montevideo, Uruguay via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, Aug 7)

In fact, the Sarandi 690 and Sport 890 MW transmitters are off, today local afternoon, surely undergoing maintenance.
(Horacio A. Nigro, Montevideo, Uruguay/HCDX)