Saturday, August 08, 2009

RAE launches listeners contest to August 17

RAE, the Foreign Service of the Argentine Public Radio, with the collaboration of the Radiolisteners Group of Argentina launches a contest for our audience in Argentina and in the world.

The requirement is to send us two reception reports: one on our Spanish-language program and the other on any of the other languages broadcasts (English, French, German, Italia, Portuguese and Japanese).

The contest began on August 3, 2009 and reception reports will have to cover any of our programs until 2359 hours of August 17, a date selected to pay homage to the most important national hero of Argentina, General San Martín. “The father of the country”, as we call him, died on August 17, 1850.

Reception reports must be sent by e-mail to or by traditional mail to RAE, PO Box 555, post code: C1000WAF, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reports will be accepted until September 30, 2009. All participants will receive a QSL cards. Among all who take part in the contest, there will be a prize draw for two Argentine music CD compilations. (Arnaldo Slaen, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

RAE website:
All times UTC

0200-0300 11710
1800-1900 mtwhf 9690, 15345

0300-0400 mtwhf 11710
2000-2100 mtwhf 9690, 15345

1700-1800 mtwhf 9690,15345
2100-2200 mtwhf 9690, 15345

1900-2000 mtwhf 9690, 15345

0000-0100 mtwhf 11710
1100-1200 mtwhf 6060, 11710

0900-1000 mtwhf 6060,
1200-1300 mtwhf 11710
1300-1400 mtwhf 11710
2300-0000 mtwhf 6090, 11710
(Gayle Van Horn/Monitoring Times Frequency Manager)